Mia Taeng Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 introduces the first major action-pack conflict to Mia Taeng. It is not surprising why there are many international followers addicted to this lakorn. It is what we fantasize out of a my-nice-wife-my-player-husband-and-the-mistress plot line. It hammers in the slap and kisses, misunderstandings, and soon-baby in sooo good. We hurt, but we are hurting good. Next week, we will get the angst of our couple’s complicated relationship interwoven with the upcoming one-sided baby secret.

After their fight, Pai is in the bathroom crying to herself as Kongkai reflects over his actions. [Good. Know you’ve wronged her?] Bpen picks up Poochom’s phone to hear Pai confirming about their appointment and accuses Pai of stealing her husband.

Kongkai hears and accuses Pai of the same. Pai says she cannot tell him about her business with Poochom. Better, Pai asks him that is she’s a husband-stealer then what would Blom be. Kongkai goes over to Blom’s, and while he’s being all being back hugged by Blom, he ponders over Pai’s question. Pai is alone at home, telling herself that she does not love Kongkai. [Poor girl, denying it so bad.]

The Maid Mole calls over to report that Kongkai and Pai fought because Pai was with her ex-boyfriend. Kongkai was obviously jealous, and Pai called Blom a husband-stealer. In a rural area, there is a dispute as villagers comes out to bash at the workers for invading their land. Butler tries to call Kongkai to settle the dispute but can’t because he’s with Blom.

Kongkai tells Blom that he needs to go to work, and says it straight forward that he doesn’t want Blom putting her clothes in his suitcase. Blom confesses that it was deliberate because she wanted Pai to feel hurt for taking Kongkai. He tells Blom he wished to hear her say it was an accident instead. Kongkai walks away. [Damn, you just got told Blom!] Pai proposes that they should establish a mutual friendship with the villagers.

At the meeting and before they can relay their info to Kongkai, he announces that he has a solution which is to offer a money award to the villagers. Mr. Villain gets a calls that the villagers are attacking the workers. The associates dislikes Kongkai’s approach and walks off. Pai covers up for Kongkai by announcing that in addition the the money, Kongkai will personally go to work out an understanding. Kongkai is given two days to settle the problem.

At the hospital, Poochom and Bpen argue. He gets me when he says he doesn’t only want a wife but someone who he can share this thoughts with. Pai is strategizing with Butler to win over the villagers and gives the files for Kongkai to study. She goes off to her appointment with Poochom, and Kongkai follows. At the appointment, Lady Model comes sees them and comes over to see if she can get a free meal. She recognizes Pragok the suspect of Kongkai’s father’s case.

She shares that Pagok is a gambler. Poochom asks Lady Model to go investigate Pragok close connections and he will pay her immensely. From afar, Kongkai sees Pai squeezes Poochom’s hand to thank him. Kongkai calls Pai a liar.

At the store, Pai is buying things to visit Mothermolemeets and meets Wayu. Butler asks what Wayu has got to be coming to visit without a gift, so Wayu whips out his guitar and starts a few beats. [I love Wan when he sings!! Of all the song, I know the last one where it goes, “bai concert ma…” Oh it brings back my old days.] Mother Villain comes to visit bringing some raw-looking steak. Poor Mothermole chews it down with such dignity. Then Wayu jumps in to say the sick doesn’t eat steak, and he cows it down. Wayu and Butler slowly eat it and say the taste it horrible. [OMO. That is the coolest move EVA!!!] Pai sends Wayu off, then Kongkai comes to see them.

Inside the room, Mothermole have stomach pains, and the doctor comes to say they should be more cautious of Mothermole’s foood intake. Blom enters to say Mothermole got to get better so she can throw her and Kongkai a celebration at the end of the year. Mothermole questions it and makes Kongkai and Pai stay back to ask Kongkai what he promised Blom.

At the village, there are suspicious lurking men spilling oil on the base of the house. The villagers think is it Kongkai who sent them. Blom follows Kongkai home. Blom asks for her bra back, and Pai gives it back. Kongkai comes, and Blom spins it that Pai was talking bad of her parents. Kongkai tells Pai to stop it. Pai asks him if he wants her to end it to Blom’s liking. Pai takes the bra and brings outside and gets ready to wash it as Blom wanted. Kongkai stops her and tells her not to and that he doesn’t want to argue with Pai. Pai asks for Kongkai’s trust, and he asks her what she wants to tell him. Pai, of course,  wants to tell him that they are thinking bad of him to the point of killing him, but Blom cuts in to say it the same old problem.

Blom states that Pai wants to tell Kongkai of Blom and Mr. Villain more-than-sibling relationship. She confesses that yes they are more than that, but all those times he forced her. Blom is superb, bring back the argument that Pai is accusing her of planning to bring down Kongkai. Blom says she loves Kongkai, not like Pai who even marries him, someone she doesn’t even love. The Maid Mole comes in to say Poochom is calling. Pai goes off and Poochom tells Pai he and the Model Lady will be investigating Pragok. Kongkai comes to says she is good with everyone, but not him. He asks her that he will listen to her if she answers him that, everyday, why is she putting up with him. [Oh, he wants her to say she loves him. Pai SAY IT! SAY IT!] Blom comes in to cut again, and Kongkai sends her home.

Pai calls Kongkai, but he is not answering. The Maid tells Pai to fess it up and tell Kongkai that she loves him to end all this suffering. [YES! So true!] Kongkai is at the hospital. Pai calls and leaves a message that she is worried of him. Pai sets out Kongkai’s clothes and rests her head on it. Kongkai is restless and absentmindedly stroking his heart. [AWWW! Open your mouth and just spit it out! CHUN RAK TUR!]

Next morning, Butler gives the key of the new car Mothermole had given Pai so she can go meet Poochom. Kongkai sees. In the parking lot, Pai goes searching for her car but meets Father Villain talking that, no matter what they must not make the person be  too death. Pai gets suspicious and follow. [Kongkai’s gonna follow too! Oh, I love action. Kongkai please take a bullet for her. That’s the least you can do!]

Poochom is waiting for Pai, and Model Lady [Okay her name is Jieb, so I’ll call her that from now on.] comes. In a warehouse, Pai overheard them [the ones who spilled oil in the villagers house] saying they got it frame on Kongkai. Pai steps son a bottle, and her racket causes the men to chase after her.

Pai tries to hide and then a hand clasped over her. [Kongkai’s sexy hand I bet!] It was Kongkai’s! He asks her what she is doing here, then the men comes near and continues searching. They are found out, and they go running out. Kongkai and Pai runs off, and they are at the end of a block falling into he river. With no second guessing, they hold hand and jump off. [WOW! Talk about live together, die together!]

The men report to Father Villain that Kongkai and Pai followed them. Butler of overhears. Kongkai and Pai are safe and drying off at a friendly boatmen;s house. They’ll hitch a boat ride back to town. Butler hides that Kongkai and Pai is missing to Mothermole. Pai makes a meal for the boat family, and Kongkai watches her stare at their kid.

KK: Do you want to have kids of your own. (Pai pinches Kongkai.)

[YES, finally the first BABY foreshadowing!]

The Villain Family are afraid because Pai now knows of their plan, and now Kongkai is starting to know too. Mr. Villain comes to see Blom, asking where Kongkai is. Blom knows it implies that he did something to Kongkai. They fight, and he slaps her. Blom keeps her face red and goes off to get pity points from Kongkai. Kongkai asks Pai why she went to the warehouse. Pai replies that she needed to find some answers. Pai tells him that Mr. Villain is framing him as the culprit of the villager’s attempt fire incident. Kongkai is quick to reject it, so she stops talking.

Mothermole asks for Kongkai, and right on que, Kongkai and Pai arrive with some food. Kongkai feeds his mommy. Poochom calls Butler and ask Pai and Butler to come down to the cafe to discuss his important finding. Butler cooks up a story of going to buy some cake for him sister resting in the hospital to get them down. The three talks. Poochom says that there is a more secretive worker of Pragok that they need to uncover. Poochom grabs Pai’s hand, and Kongkai in the background sees.

Kongkai asks if today they got chase because of her ex-boyfriend’s business. Kongkai order Pai home with him. The Villain Family get the news that Kongkai and Pai are back safe. In the car, Kongkai wants trouble by saying she must love Poochom much to be risking her life in the warehouse when we should be doing that for her husband. Pai asks him if he knows the meaning of a husband.

Pai tells him that the title is more than the physical parameter. Then Blom comes in and rubbing her arm, whimpering out hurt noises. [*Godninja rolls her eyes* By the end of Mia Taeng, I’ll probably be rolling my eyes a millionbillion times that I’ll be cross-eyed for life!!!]


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6 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 8 Recap

  1. :) says:

    It’s just too cute how Kai will end up getting the sickness beside Pai. Just like Ann and Ken lakorn “oum ruk” ^•^

  2. Lala says:

    Thank you! Again, they are having us wait at the edge of the cliff. They made episode 7 and 8 looks so intense but it was actually good. Enjoyed! Can’t wait until next Monday. Thank you again 🙂

  3. Paddy says:

    Thank you so much for the recap. Will be waiting for ep 9 preview

  4. godninja says:

    thanks all for putting up with my slight delays, i got family obligations to do plus my mom is a nagging hag.

  5. kitty says:

    i know it’s very bad of me to be checking every hour…but i can’t help it! thank you for the recaps…dieing here….

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