Mia Taeng Episode 7 Recap

What’s with the white star on his face? I dunno, the North Star took a dump on him? Oh well, Romeo looks cute anyway. As I formulated from the preview, episode 7 was a piece of emoness in progress, but the romantic scenes made up for it. 

Lady Boss tells Pai to get angry at Kongkai a bit. Butler comes in and gets Lady Boss to confess sending the clips. Pai is quick to forgive. Macee calls that Thanakat has invited Pai and Kongkai to visit. Kongkai asks Blom what happened, and she spins her own pity story, saying he lied to her to be with someone else so she run off.

KK: Hurting still?

Blom: It hurts. But it doesn’t hurt as much as what you do to me. Other people may hurt me, it doesn’t you hurt as much as what you do.

To the side, Mr. Villain hears everything. Pai returns to Kongkai to talk about business. Butler talks with Mothermole, and she tells him to get Blom out of the way. Bpen comes to ask Poochom where he has been, asking what type of husband he is not taking responsibility for his wife and son. The annoying  Bpen jumps off the steps. [Now girl, you just killed all my hope of you turning good. Kill anyone but NOT your own child!] Butler gets Blom to get be a model for one of Kongkai’s elder to get her away.

Bpen miscarries, and Poochom calls to inform Pai. [WTF? How does this relate to Pai?] Kongkai gets angry, and he goes to Butler and Lady Boss to tattletale that Pai’s lover called to intervene with their plans. Lady Boss announces aloud that people should take care of their own family first. Kongkai and Pai look at each other.

At the hospital, the model girl [I need to catch her name.] beats up two guys molesting her. Poochom comes to hold her back, and she claims he is her father. Poochom goes along with the play and say he won’t be pressing charges and drag her out. Pai, Kongkai, Macee and Thanakat are together talking about their peaceful life and loving their spouses.

Poochom tells Model Girl that he’s here because his wife loss his child jumping off the stairs to mock him. She sympathizes with him, telling him not to blame himself for having a wife who doesn’t love his child. [*NODS. Correct. Before I didn’t take it much to pair these two, but now I’m rooting with ya!] Kongkai goes swimming, and he pulls Pai into the water. She gives him a punch and in slow motion, they play in the river. Pai climbs out and leaves Kongkai butt naked as his wrap floated off and away.

Kongkai helps Pai cooks. We get the slow music as they cook together. Kongkai is such a sucker, not knowing how to deleave the tyme-looking herb. He even does a countdown to dropping the fish in the oil, and he runs behind her to avoid the heat.

Thankat is impressed. They brush off the utensils and dip in with their fingers. [I really like this Mr. Thanakat. Eating with your fingers are DA BOMB!] Thanakat tells Kongkai to treasure and preserve Pai. Blom is back in Bangkok, staying calm as she recounts to Gay Assistant her anger of Kongkai tricking her off to be with Pai . He blows at her.

Assistant: Get out of my friend, you crazy ghost! I got an amulet.

Blom: Crazy. You’re crazy, you gay fatty.

Assistant:What. You got hit this bad, usually by this time you’re tantrumming to death already

Blom: I changed. Why do I have to be storming, when I got a strategy that is better than that.

Thanakat says he does not discuss business while on vacation, but tells Kongkai to send him his business proposal and they will talk about the partnership. He also invites Kongkai to be friends for their wifes are already friends. Kongkai is pleased and says they should celebrate. Thanakat goes to get the party wine, and they have a VERY VERY GAY celebration, with some wacko dancing. Thanakat brings the drunk Kongkai to dump in the room with Pai.  Kongkai grabs Pai hand and sits her on the bed.

We get slow action [AGAIN!], as Kongkai leans over to kiss Pai. In the mist the night, Kongkai lays [I hate the usage of lay, laid, and lie. Hope I got the right one hea.] his head on her back shoulder.

[YES! This is the WHOLE bed talk, so enjoy!]

KK: Do you love me? Not answering? Or do you like to be jealous of me?

Pai: Crazy. (Kongkai snickers sexily.)

KK: But I like jealously. Be jealous of  me, okay? Smelling you now, I want to be close to you.

Pai: Khun Kongkai ka…

KK: Yes.

Pai: How are you really? You nitpick me everyday with trouble. But when you talk nice to me, I can’t  prepare to meet you fast enough.

KK: Then you should learn about me. We still have a lot of time to learn about each other.

Pai: Not much then. You promise to Blomcak only one year. I want to joust your memory.

KK: Yes. Then in this one year, why don’t you learn about me?

Pai: You’re selfless.

KK: Then, may I perform my selfishness one more round?

(DA BED CREAKED A FEW TIMES, I’m not kidding! I got headphones on with volume up HIGH!!!)

Next morning, they give alms and pray. Pai prays for Mothermole to be healthy. They say goodbye to Macee and Thanakat. He tells Kongkai that a good person close to one, bring one to beautiful places. They just reach their house, when Gay Assistant calls Kongkai that Blom is in danger. Kongkai goes over, and they get the key to open the bathroom. Blom is in the shower with a bleeding wrist, pushing Kongkai away and telling him to go away. She faints.

At the hospital, the doctor says the wound is not bad, but Blom got need to maintain her stress. Blom tells Kongkai that she did it because he lied to her be with Pai two times, meaning he’ll rather be with Pai. Kongkai makes excuses that it was work. Blom tells him off. The Gay Assistant catches Blom smiling and tells her that he must submit her name to the Oscars. [Hey, I was thinking the same. LOL!] Blom cuts herself again and tells him to call Kongkai back.

Mothermole is all mocking, everyone know that Blom’s suicide attempt is a an act, except Kongkai. Poochom is  still at the hospital, reflecting over what the Model Girl told him that maybe the baby didn’t want to be born into a family where the mother and father doesn’t love each other. Poochom sees Kongkai and Blom. Blom is trying to make Kongkai guilty of her, so he’ll take care of her. Blom asks her assistant what he discovered from her assignment. He tells her that Poochom is here because him wife miscarried.

Mothermole tells Pai to come work at the company to help and be close to Kongkai. Pai knows she can’t refuse and accepts. The Maid Mole calls up Blom, telling her an exaggerated version of Pai’s reaction being jealous of Kongkai. Blom goes to give a slapping to Bpen. [I love it when the bad beats up the bad!] Blom tells Bpen she is cheap not like Pai who is ‘brand name’. Kongkai and Poochom comes in to stop the chaos.

Blom spins the story, saying she came in to sympathize with Bpen that she lhad oss her child and is about to get ditch by her husband but was misunderstood. Gay Assistant cuts in to save Kongkai so he can leave by whispering to Blom that he’ll ruin her cover. [OMG! Everyone can see right through Blom, but Kongkai. He probably thinks with another part of his anatomy.] Kongkai returns home to everyone mocking Blom and her ‘sickness’. Mothermole gets faintlike. Finally, Kongkai learns that this mother has stomach cancer. Shes tells him that she’s hurting more than Blom, and she havent a bit ask for his concern. Kongkai gets teary and hugs his mommy. The investigator sent by the Family Villain gets the info on Mothermole’s condition. The Villain Parents are happy and get ready to initiate their plan.

News is out on Mothermole’s cancer, and a meeting is called. Blom hears, and of all day, she is wearing black. She gets excited to go greet Mothermole to speed up her death. Kongkai is talking to himself that he will do his best. Mothermole appears to assure the associates that she is okay. She will take his opportunity to get Kongkai to succeed her. Blom comes, and she is not shy about her intention, telling Mothermole that she is preparing herself in case if anything happens and she doesn’t have enough time to change. [Talk about EVIL!] The Villain Family comes, and Blom jogs away.

Mr. Villain follows to Kongkai’s office. Butler is shaking his head suspiciously behind. In the office, Pai crawls under the table to fetch the model car she dropped and overhears Mr. Villain and Blom talk. She learns that Blom is not their biological children and that the so-called-brother-and-sister have a more than that relationship. Plus, they are ridding of Kongkai. Bulter walks in and tells Mr. Villain to attend the meeting. He knocks knowingly for Pai to come out.

Butler already knows of the situation. Pai wants to tell Kongkai, but Butler says Kongkai won’t believe it easily. To regain their Company’s solidity, Mothermole nominees Kongkai as the new President and presents the fact that he succeeded in the deal with Mr. Thanakat. The associates all nod in agreement. Mothermole introduces Pai as a new associate.

Afterward, Pai comes in to talk with Kongkai. Then Kongkai is at Blom’s, and she confesses that she is not their childern. She is just a kid that grew up in their house. She spins it that Pai probably told Kongkai to mock her. Blom offers that Pai probably insisted that she is a dog they had setted up to sabotage him. Blom gets all tearful saying that Mr. Villain sometimes tries to force her, but she won’t submit, and in this lifetime, she will only love him. At the hospital, Pai is wandering off, and we get more Busaba and Enoi analogy. Pai asks Mothermole if she ever thought that her husband’s death is the doing of the Villain Family. Butler have the same suspicion but says it’s a hard case.

Pai goes to Poochom to get law help on reopening Kongkai’s father murder case. Poochom agrees to help. He sends her home, and Kongkai sees. Talking with Butler later, Pai asks him to send relevant files to Poochom. Kongkai comes and sees her on the phone.

He accuse her of being flirtatious and declares that he will be sleeping in her room and on her bed. Pai goes over to take out his dirty clothes to wash and finds Blom’s pink strapless bra in his suitcase. She asks him when he will meet Blom again, so she can send it to her. The phone rings, and Poochom calls to say he finished what she wanted and that they’ll meet again the next day.

KK: You’re ex-boyfriend called, but I won’t let you talk.

Pai: Khun Kongkai, this is my personal business.

KK: You went together, aren’t you full yet or what? Calling again to go eat behind the stage.

(Pai slaps Kongkai.)

Pai: And you? You go with Blom and come back, and you bring back articles to rub it in.

KK: Because that’s Blom’s normal. Because usually when we go back and forth, we use the same suitcase, or sometimes we even wear the same clothes, or if not wearing nothing, we are unclothed together.

Pai: Okay, I understand that it is normal for you, but for me, I’m not used to it.

(Kongkai with a super confuse face.)

[Okay, did he not get it that she was a virgin, cause that’s how it goes. I can say that roughly three quarters of the time, the pra’ek knows. DON’T tell me that Kongkai couldn’t tell. Guess Romeo DO think with his little ego below the belt.]


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3 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 7 Recap

  1. daralene says:

    thanks for recaps, ii really wouldnt watch this this type of lakorn…
    but heard this was famous so rushed to read… so i dont waste my time watching

  2. Semi says:

    thanx for the recaps

    with the posing and white stuff on his face it looks like she spit on him anyways

    i don’t get ben thinking your only with him cuz you trapped him, yet you pulled this stunt. I guess one could argue she did it to scare him or what not & ending up miscarrying instead(still a big WTF). It boogles my mind how KK always takes Blom side where does his distorted view of Pai come from

  3. chriss says:

    I can’t wait for the recaps on Mia taeng ep 8. I understand a little bit but would like confirmation. ANyway thanks and well done on the recaps

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