Plerng Torranong Episode 12 Recap

Okay, ask me why I chose the above pic is featured?

Godninja: Well…because it shows very detailed contours of Mario’s  juicy behind.

[I know, what a good joke.]

Namfon ends up screaming for nothing, as Plerng answers from behind her:

Plerng: Worried of Me?

Namfon: Worry BS! I’m worried you’re going to be a ghost of the sea being gone this long. [LOL?]

Plearng flashes her his two catch and that shuts her.

Lin goes to tell Grandma of Plerng’s hit-chase and disappearance; everyone thinks he is died. Busakon tells Pompaew to get herself out of Yasoyoting. Buskaon is all happy telling Naree, but Naree is non responsive, she just wants her own life back. Black Dealer calls up Naree to come ‘refresh’ him. [This poor girl!]

Plerng  calls her a cat looking at the fish like a hungry one. Namfon admits she’s thirsty, Plerng nods to a some coconuts, [Who have seen coconuts this low?] but Namfon fails to get to the juice. Plerng comes over with a done one. Namfon chugs it all, not saving any for him. Plerng asks her if she can survive on her own. Namfon says yes as long as she got Plerng. [Such an indirect love confession.] Seeta is stressing out badly thinking of their dissaperance. [Jeeze girl, are you more worried about Plerng than your own sis?]

Namfon speculates that Nat is the one who ordered the hit. He maker her promise to keep it to herself. Namfon promises and goes off to pee, telling Plerng off. Then Namfon ends up creaming for him to help her. Plerng pries the spider off her and starts to go off. Namfon tells him to stay and accompany her so she can pee.

Plerng: You haven’t stop needing to go. You already got it all out… [Way to flip a girl, Plerng!]

Namfon realizes she went on herself and calls him a pervert and runs off give him kicks. They play in slow motion with that kick ass song. [Romantic mak mak!]

Night falls, and the atmosphere is just dying to tell you two to go at it. They chat, and Namfon tells Plerng she can’t figure him out. Plerng tells her to tell him what is it that he’d done? Finally, Namfon tells him the Nat had said he sold his father’s heart. Plerng recounts her the truth. She calls herself stupid, and Plerng agrees but settle on her being naive instead. Plerng says they better sleep. Namfon kick in away. Plerng, as the gentleman, sees her shivering, and takes off his shirt to drape over her.

But Namfon replies in her own perspective and kicks him in his balls. She accuse him of wanting to molest her. Plerng just lets her brew in her thoughts, as he absorb in his pain. Namfon recals the pills she gave to Lin that knocked her out, and plans to drug Plerng.

[Here’s my favorite thought.]

Namfon: This time, even if you can;t tolerate my beauty, You’ll get out of wits to molest me.

Grandma softens and say to Pompaew that they’ll pray for Plerng and Namfon’s safety.

Namfon’s comes to share her coconut with Plerng. He gets all suspicious on her sudden concern, but chug is away. [he drank it for her.] Namfon is satisfy that he is getting drowsy. Then comes animal sounds, and Namfon sees a spider crawling nearby. She goes waking Plerng for help. having no effect, she resorts to taking the pills herself to knock out her conscious of the animal attacking her. Soon, she gets a taste of her own medicine.

The police gets a trail on their boat, and early next morning, they go scouting. On the boat over, a news reporter comes along. A police spot them first, and the reporter is second on the scene and goes on to take photos. [GRRR!]

The rest comes onto the scene. Seeta freezes, at the couple tangled together. The mother pleas the reporter to stop taking photos.

Everyone knows that they are safe. Busakon is angry at the turn of events. She calls Nat to tell him the news. Nat yalls in fustration that Plerng is dying so hard to kill.

 The polivce gets their statements at the station. After the interview, Plerng and Namfon yawn together. Plerng asks hwo she end up sleeping next to him. Namfon’s mother had made an appointment for Plerng and Chanon to see the Pearl President. The mother says they got lots to discuss. In the car ride, Chanon aks Plerng why he didn’t say Nat is the prime suspect and insists that it was a mistaken chase. Namfon is shocked at her mother’s confession that they were found cuddling. Namfon understand everyone’s thoughts, and runs to Seeta to tell them the truth. Now that the truth is out, they got to battle the news.

Seeta is happy that they didn’t have anything. [Why didn’t they just have it.] Namfon got to hide her feelings. Plerng is back home, and he gets an  awesome welcome back hug. regardless of the situation, their work is a success.

Plerng is about to go shower, but Lin intercepts him to ask if he and Namfon had anything. Plerng ninjas to the bathroom. Pompaew goes to give Grandma her medicine; they talk on the definition of happiness not including money but family. This makes Grandma ponder of the kindness in Pompaew that made her son abandon everything to be with her. At work, Plerng is reflecting over the events on the island. [Imagine if they indulge in their primitive desire, he will be dazing off of the swettness like one particular pra’ek did on Tuesday.]

News is out, Lin sees the paper and screams in horror. At Namfon’s house, she’s talking to her sponsor that is backing out form sponsoring. More calls is coming, and they pull the plugs on their phones. The mother mentions that their company will get hit too. Grandma calls everyone for a meeting. Namfon’s mother confessed with embarrassment that Namfon was the one to drug Plerng. Grandma puts it out to the table that the only way to save the situation is to have Namfon and Plerng get married. Everyone is dead silent.

Outside, busskon eavesdrop and she thinks to her son, losing everything. Namfon drags Plerng out.

Namfon: Come here! Nee, aren’t you thinking of doing anything?

Plerng: What do you want me to do? The whole situation, you’re the one who made it.

Namfon: Don’t go and blame me one-party. You’re the one to made me distrust you first. So I had to protect myself.

Plerng: And what happened? It’s now a crisis.

Namfon: Nee, I got you here to think of a way out, not for you to mock me.

Plerng: Then you release new of the truth. Then it’s the end.

Namfon: Are you crazy! You want me to say I drugged you to go over to hug you to sleep? Not happening!

Plerng: Then what can you do, aside from marriage?

Namfon: Nee, am I really going to have to marry you

for real?

Plerng: Don’t worry, Khun Namfon. I am marrying you because it is my duty to protect your dignity according to my Grandma’s orders.

Namfon: Yes, it’s duty. I will have to do my own duty too. Then let’s take that this marriage this time is a lakorn. There will be no marriage license. You told me that you’re only going to be here three months. (Plerng nods.) Then, after that three months, let’s separate and go back to live our normal life, all right.

Seeta leaves in a frown. Namfon’s mother thanks Plerng for preserving her daughter dignity, while Pompaew is happy that she does not resent having Plerng as a son-in-law. Nat sees the news and his eyeballs is popping out.


Pardon me for grammar and incoherency! Will edit later!

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