Mia Taeng Episode 7 Preview

On our plate next week, we got miscarriage, wrist slitting, suicide attempts and major emoness, so the drama continue with more blood.

Bpen: (small scream)

Poochom: Bpen!

KK: Right now, his wife miscarried. They’ll probably divorce, and he’s able to return to you.

Mr. Villain: To sleep with someone and be their wife. Then a person like me, what do you call?

Blom: It’s called something the comes and goes.

Gay Assistant: (surprise scream) Blood!

Blom: I will strap Kongkai down, not letting him go anywhere.

KK: Blom, why are you doing this?

Bpen: Let go!


Bpen: You’re crazy!


I hate it when the jealous girl pulls the emo move!

About godninja

I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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12 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 7 Preview

  1. jackee says:

    Where can I see these episodes subbed in english

  2. noury says:

    it is very good

  3. godninja says:

    If you want Mia Taeng spoilers on Pai’s pregnancy, lyn’s got it on her blog: http://iheartlakorns.com/

  4. godninja says:

    i want to thank everyone for the massive hits yesterday. lets break the record the next week, and the next and the next!

  5. Michelle says:

    can’t wait til next week on Monday!!!

  6. godninja says:

    I’m dying of when Kongkai will see the true colors of Blom and her evil family. He is going to run out of there so fast!

  7. noodles637 says:

    i really hope poochom gets with that girl…that got tricked. The one that he punched her dad. i think they would make a cute couple!!! who agrees with meee!!!

    • xingtze says:

      me…me…i totally agree wit u.Its more of a young outgoing girl wit a mature calm guy(my type of lakorn) which is totally different from Mia Taeng where KK is so dumb n foolish who needs Pai,mature lady to take care of him.

  8. Lala says:

    So intense! I can’t wait to see all the dramas. Though viewers are getting tired of the drama and rooting for cute scenes, I’m loving it because its spicing up the lakorn and will bring in romance later on for us viewers. Thank you! 😉

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