Mia Taeng Episode 6 Recap

Finally Mia Taeng shows more of Romeo’s desire to be with his wife instead of the annoying pest mistress. Rome is paving his way into a more dark character with style. Chompoo flips the table from her previous role as the mistress flawlessly. As for Benz, this girl needs an award to applaud her outstanding portrayal.

Pai is on the mission that Mothermole had sent her as Plan B to the Mr. Thanakat challenge. Pai is excited to see her old Chinese-looking friend Macee. [Part of the plan?] Kongkai is at work, smiling to himself and reflecting over the lovely events of last night. Butler comes, and they discuss of meeting with Mr. Thanakat.

Pai and her Lady Boss is getting really friendly with Macee, planning to cook delicious food. Mr. Villain goes to pamper Mr. Thanakat with entertainers. Afterwards, he asks Mr. Thanakat of an exclusive partnership and inserts that Mr. Thanakat will be reimburse handsomely. Mr. Thanakat is offended at the sly move and the offer of money.  Blom is faking sickness and gets Kongkai distracted from his work.

Mr. Villain knows he failed and pushes the blame on Kongkai, saying as the President, he sent him to do this exchange. Blom gets Kongkai away from reading his files on Mr. Thanakat and takes a phone photo of them. She sends it to Pai. Lady Boss gets all angry for Pai, but she just stays calm.

Tutu says Mothermole has order him to sleep with them, right in the middle. [I LOVE!] Tutu snores loudly, and Blom gives up, turning the other way. Kongkai comes to meet Mr. Thankat, and upon knowing who Kongkai is, he tells Kongkai that he doesn’t like Kongkai’s approach manner to the deal. Kongkai stands by and takes all responsibility for his workers. Alone, Butler tells Kongkai is it Mr. Villain. Kongkai says he knows, but he is still naive not thinking much of it.

Next morning, Lady Boss is still angry over the picture Blom sent last night. Pai shuts off her phone, saying it’s like shutting off your eyes and ears, so if you don’t see, you won’t feel and you won’t hurt. [Aroonpapai is such a Bodhisattva!] Kongkai needs to go to Apowan to an event in place of Mothermole. Blom plans to stick to him to obstruct his work, so she’s already all packed up and jumps in to go along. They visit a shrine, and Blom is not happy with the choice of sightseeing. She bumps into a boy selling fish (to get free in the water), and Blom yells at him for getting the dirty water over her. Kongkai pays for the fish and tells the kid to apologize. The kids calls Blom a stingy meanie. [Way to get told!]

Blom goes away to wash off, as Kongkai and Butler prays. Butler suggests Kongkai better pray for Blom to get off his back. Kongkai’s mind replays the fateful night again. [Was it that good, Romeo? You’re thinking of it too often.] Blom returns with a souvenir of two flowers entangle to symbolize the eternity of two lovers. Blom asks what Kongkai prayed for. He switched the topic. At their place of stay, Butler just tells Blom that he didn’t prepare her a room, but he knows at too well she’ll stay with Kongkai anyway. He ninja chops between them. Blom calls him an annoying worker, but Kongkai says he is an elder. [Okay, Kongkai, you’re totally hating her. Why don’t you tell her to take a hike!]

Blom films herself in a towel, walking into a sleepy Kongkai in the tub. She of course sends it to Pai. Tired Kongkai relies no to Blom’s offer to join him in the tub, but she goes on to say she got to stop the recording because the next thing got to be censored. [ Triple F you!] Blom calls Pai, to say the clips are playful and that she’ll take care of their husband.

Kongkai calls to talk with his mommy and comments on her hoarse voice, but she brushed him off. He goes inside to take his medicine and gets all smiley at his clothes all nicely folded and the sticky note that tells him to take vitamin C to help. He looks over to Blom’s messy suitcase, and mentally, he his comparing them. Kongkai finally gets Blom off his back to go to the event. Butler tells Blom that if she want to go, she’s just embarrass herself going with someone’s else husband.

Wayu is out scouting for Pai to her house. At the party event, Kongkai sees Mr. Thanakat but sees Pai and boy is he happy.

Villain Father comes to inquire how Mothermole is. She puts up a solid front saying she went on a meditation retreat. Kongkai is pleased that Pai introduced him as her husband. She used the same reply of it just being her duty. They start to bicker. Lady Boss and Butler saves them by introducing an Italian photographer to Pai. He asks for Pai’s number, and jealous Kongkai steps in to offer his number instead. They make a good joke calling Kongkai a ‘dog’. Wayu goes to Lady Boss’s house and meets her husband. [Dude turns out to be not so bad.] The husband suddenly has a fascination with the phone’s video calling capability.

Mr. Villain comes to provoke Blom telling her while she is at the spa, Kongkai is outing the party with Pai. Plus, they are all under the same rest house. Kongkai and Pai gets cuddly. Pai gets shy, and they take their walk further. [For more privacy?]

Lady Boss video records them and sends it to Blom. Kongkai walks Pai to her room, but ends up staying. Blom calls up Kongkai, but he fakes that he is at his at his Chairman Uncle’s house. She has her own tantum, smashing the medicine bottles and trashing the clothes. Pai comes back with Kongkai’s medicine, but since he was faking, he drops the pills in the water, saying he doesn’t want to be drugged by his wife. He grabs her into his lap. [CUTE!]

Lady Boss’s husband send her a clip of him cuddling with two hostess. Kongkai and Pai have some peace staring at stars. When Pai mentions that she is sleepy, Kongkai gets hotheaded, dragging her off way too fast. [Horny much?] Lady Boss comes in all teary, and Pai needs to take care of her. Poor Romeo didn’t get his fill.

Lady Boss’s Husband ends up being a nice man; he is just doing this to get back at her over-possesiveness. Mr. Villain drops Blom off, and Kongkai comes back to a shredded up room. He sees the clip that was sent to Blom.

Angry Kongkai stumps off to Pai telling her she had made Blom mad, and she ran off. Lady Boss tries to say she is the one who sent it but fails. Blom, walking back, gets attack by two perverts trying to get back Mr. Villain driving badly pass them.

Thank God, Mr. Villain comes back to intercept. [He actually cares for her!] Cops comes in, and Blom gets an idea. She rides back with the police and starts a scene. She was so mad, she ran off and meet the perverts and was about to get raped. This really gets Kongkai’s sympathy. Alone, Blom declares war, saying she does not silently take abuse, she slaps back so Pai better prepares.

Blom snickers that she is stupid to have lost it to Kongkai, when she well knows that Kongkai will leave her. Pai calmly tells Blom that at least she is the bed partner by marriage not by affair. Blom gets her hand in the air for slap, but Pai intercepts. [WAR IS ON!]


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4 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 6 Recap

  1. Youkai Samai says:

    i hate when she always trying to make him love her

  2. jjinxx says:

    I can’t stand friends who take too much action and end up messing things up even more like the Lady Boss sending the recording to Broong. Sheesh. And how the hell does Khong let Broong do all that video filming yet doesn’t even realize that Pai isn’t the type who would do the same?! He is such a jerk! So much for starting to love his wife–no trust at all and pays way too much attention to his mistress.

  3. kitty says:

    thanks for the recaps!! i love it!! til monday my romeo rome!!

  4. :) says:

    So much for only a short happyness moment. (T^T).

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