Plerng Torranong Espisode 11 Recap

Now we’ve been waiting for that particular stranded-on-an-island episode, and Plerng Torranong Episode 11 was the beginning of that wish.

For the second thief case, Peephom ordered all to keep it silent, but Busakon gets Naree to release the news to further bring the Company down. Busakon goes over to tell Grandma of Plerng as the suspect for ever since he came, the problems started. At work, Uncle Peephom says the thief is smart and must be a close one in order to hack into the security files and bypass the safe passwords.

The Black Dealer was tells Naree to not be afraid because she can’t be caught. Outside, she meets her brother and give him a big slap and tells him that he’s not her brother anymore. At the company parking lot, Plerng see Naree crying. She tells him its nothing,

Nat calls his mother to bring him some money. Even though Thai Diamond is not doing so hot, Plerng gets a new design order from a costumer. To counter the bad news, Plerng goes to see Namfon, and she calls up her mother in Phuket. Her mother can set them up with a pearl supplier.

Plerng tells Namfon that she have to go with him. Namfon is cross, saying that she offered to help, but not to go with him. He replies that good friends help each other out. Namfon pouts off; Plerng just smiles. [I love Mario when he cracks that smile!] Busakon brings Nat the money, and says that there would be none of this if Plerng is dead.

Taking that thought, Nat pays a hit man to rid of Plerng. He tears off the magazine shoot cover as the hit photo. The hit man follows Plerng, Namfon, Chanon, and Seeta to Phuket. They meet up with Namfon’s mother. They visit the Pearl place, but the President is unavailable. The representative say the President if off in an island, and tomorrow morning, he will send a boat to pick them up to discuss on the business matter. The hit man fakes as a delivery man with a package for them and gets information on their leave tomorrow.

For the afternoon, Seeta and Chanon goes seafood shopping. Namfon catches Plerng dazing off and asks him if he is thinking of Lin. Plerng says no, that he thinking of his home Rayong and that if he was to think of someone it would be…[YOU, Namfon! But of course, Plerng didn’t complete his sentence.] Namfon tells Plerng to follow her. I get to see my first manly side of Plerng as he carries in the tables and chairs to set up for dinner.

They have a nice dinner, and afterwards, Seeta finally gives Plerng the scarf she knitted him as Chanon watches from afar. Seeta tells him that she have sincere feelings for him. Plerng smiles at her, answering that he is glad to have a friend like her. Plerng tells her of returning to Rayong, and Seeta is sad that Plerng doesn’t feel her attraction. Next morning, they are at the harbor. Seeta and Chanon goes to buy drinks, while Namfon and Plerng goes for a walk. Namfon spots the two suspicious hit men. She warns Plerng. [OMG! Do I start to like you more and more Namfon. I used to curse at your stupidity, and now you’re suddenly smart!]

She sees the hit man take out a gun, and they run for it! Plerng and Namfon rides off in a boat, speeding away, but the hit men grab a boat too. The boat chase begins. They shoot some rounds at them. Them BAM! The engine is hit, and it explodes! Plerng and Namfon jumps off. Namfon is knock out, but Plerng got her floating.

Plerng helps her to the shore, with her over his shoulders and battling it out to last. He dumps her on the sand, knocks out himself unceremoniously. After Namfon wakes up and sees Plerng out cold. She drags him from the shore.

Namfon starts performing CPR [I don’t know how they teach CPR in Thailand, but this is an EPIC failure]. She mouth-to-mouth and blows, but no response. She ends up blocking off his air supply, pinching his nose. That’s why he woke up. He all what are you doing? She goes, saving your life. He laughs, you’re the one that was out cold, I had to carried you to shore, that’s why I knocked out–from exhaustion. Namfon looks dumb, and she takes out her cell trying to call for help. [And I just started to think you were smart.] Seeta is not feeling good about them gone missing. Chanon tries to sooth her saying the police is searching.

Plerng and Namfon rounds up the shore and find themselves back at the same place. They scream in horror at the reality shock: they’re stranded on an island! Namfon is near tears at the thought. Plerng succeeds at making a fire and tells Namfon to get useful and go gather firewood.

[I don’t know why they are burning raw wood with green leaves? Namfon’s definition of firewood maybe?] Plerng writes SOS on the sand, praises himself of him capabilities. He calls Namfon incapable, and she stares him down.

Chanon calls his father, and Peephom delivers the news to Pompaew that Plerng and Namfon was chased by hit men and have gone missing. Lin hears and is terrified. Our capable Plerng is making a sharp-ended pole to go fish hunting. Namfon laughs at the idea, but her stomach is growling. She goes off to finds Plerng and see how he can get a fish with that stick but finds only the empty billowing sea. She gets work up and starts screaming for Plerng to come out and that its not funny, but Plerng is nowhere to be seen.


We can be stranded on an island anyday, anywhere, anytime,  my capable Plerng! You and I, alone with our primitive cravings! Yummy! I WANT!

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