Plerng Torranong Episode 12 Preview

I’m seeing more stranded-on-the-island moments. . . and hearing WEDDING BELLS too! Oh, oh, oh. That is too much good news for Godninja to handle.

Namfon: Plerng! Help me!

Plerng: What’s wrong?

Namfon: Something, whatever don’t know, it’s crawling on my leg!

Plerng: If you are alone, can you survive by yourself?

Namfon: I only know that if there is you then I can live.

[Namfon cold. Plerng gentleman. Stranded on island. Three VERY GOOD COMBO!]

[Plerng showing me his pecks!]

Namfon: (weak scream)

[Seeta comes to see what I see as legs intertwine in the aftermath of a love’s tango? No, of course not, just some body heat hugging I bet!]

Plerng: I will marry you, because it is my responsibility to protect your dignity.


Nat: You stole everything from me!


This should have not been that big of a surprise. We’ve been waiting for this ever since the wedding BTS clips were out. It was just he matter of seeing how it will unroll. Now can we move pass the just friends phase!

About godninja

I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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2 Responses to Plerng Torranong Episode 12 Preview

  1. Paddy says:

    thank you for the translation for the preview.

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