Mia Taeng Episode 6 Preview

They’ve passed their overdue wedding night ordeal but looks like, contrary to popular belief, sex doesn’t solve everything because complications just keep piling between our Romeo and Chompoo Juliet.

Blom: Going to Apowan? Sounds fun!

Blom: (video clip) Kongkai, ka.

Blom: I guarentee that I’ll take best care of our husband.

KK: You make me think that the title of a wife is a occupation that fulfill its duties just day to day.

Pai: Then there is such person who is a wife that is a job ‘akiray’ [Dunno it what it means. Will ask my mom later.]

Blom: Whatever I want, I get!

Blom: Let Go! [Yes! Her plans blackmailing her?]

KK: What type of person are you?!?

Pai: What you see, is who I am! Don’t waste your time on a bad person like me!


Until tomorrow, my feverish children, more medicine will come.

About godninja

I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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6 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 6 Preview

  1. Paddy says:

    Thank you very much. Off topic, can anyone enlighten me when is the new lakorn of yaya and nadech coming out? I am really waiting for it eagerly.

    • godninja says:

      I don’t know off hand when “Game Rai Game Rak” (trans. Evil Game Love Game) will air, maybe after Plerng Torranong? Haven’t been following the topic. However, I can check later.

      Due to Yadech immense popularity, I am already planning on recapping this one.

      • Paddy says:

        Thank you for the reply. and Yay!!!!!!!!!!!11 for your recapping on nadech’s next lakorn. But i heard that Tawan Deard (Yaya and Mark) is airing after Plerng Toranong

      • godninja says:

        You are correct! It was just wishful thinking. Game Rai Game Rak will air in October ja.

  2. whx says:

    Waiting for these scene

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