Mia Taeng Episode 5 Recap

Apparently, there’s like 1000 little kids with a high fever this morning, my thermometer is increasing by the tens. So let’s all scramble for a piece of the Mia Taeng medicine!

Mothermole gives the necklace to Pai, and she accepts it as respect to the elders while Kongkai announces that a person like Pai of course wants it. Pai insists to go with Mothermole to her chemotherapy, but she tells Pai to stay and act like normal so Kongkai wouldn’t suspect. A sleepy and MOODY Kongkai knocks on Pai’s room, ordering where his mother is. [Oh, you mommy boy!]

Then he sees the necklace, saying she’s enjoying it so much she can’t even sleep. Kongkai starts inching toward her like a zombie, chanting Pai’s name. Then he grabs her shoulder to end up falling to his knees and knocking out in her arms. Pai washes him, and Kongkai starts calling out for his mommy. [You’re being a bigger mommy boy by the second, but I would want this mommy boy any day!]

The maid says that ever since his father died, Mothermole had to go to work more often, leaving Kongkai even when is he sick. [AWWW! Our playboy was traumatized as a child!] At the hospital, Mothermole is throwing up in her weak pre-operation state. Butler is concerned, but she says she will put up with it to live her longest with Kongkai. Our Mommy Boy is still calling for his mommy. He grabs Pai hands and suddenly quiets.

Next morning, he still got her hands. [Pai, I’ve prefer if you where on the bed, cuddling next to him. Just my thoughts anyway.] Now, this is me reading Kongkai’s thoughts:

What? A soft hand?

Oh, Arronpapai’s hand.

Better steal a kiss.

Oh shit, she’s waking up; gotta pretend I’m asleep.

Now it’s time to read Pai’s mind. Oh, check out the hottie. I wanna touch that cocky nose. Whatever Romeo, I know you’re awake.

[Romeo’s act] Peaking with one eye. Peaking with two now. Smile.

Checking out my own nose.

[YES! Godninja do embody the ability to read mind.]

Blom is blowing up a volcano at work, saying Kongkai have not called her. She says no one can block her from Kongkai. Her phone buzzes, Father Villain orders Blom to go to Kongkai’s house to investigate about Mothermole’s condition. Blom insists that Kongkai will come to her.

Pai wakes Kongkai up, he grabs her and holds her to check her out. The maid comes in with kao tum soap. The maid asks if he want breakfast now or is he already ‘full’. [Yes that full.] Kongkai babys that he wants another type of soup and that if there is anyone who can do it for a sick someone. Pai tells him to get her go if he wants to eat. The maid asks playfully that he doesn’t want to eat her soup any more. Kongkai tells her to get to work. Kongkai learns that Pai watched him through the night.

Bpen comes to Choopom’s workplace and scream out where he was last night and put the blame on Pai. Pai takes Kongkai the soup, but to him, sick means invalid. He makes her feed him like his mother.

Pai: But I’m not…

KK: You’re not my mother, but you’re my wife.

Pai spoons him the first bite. He gets all sensitive after tasting it. She asks if it’s not good. He tells her to taste it. Pai hesitates at the act being an indirect kiss.  He says she can use another spoon, but she takes the bite. It was good. He tells them to eat together.

They do, sharing the same spoon and taking turn feeding each other.

KK: (Nods) It’s good. [Uh-huh! You meant the saliva-swapping right!]

Tutu spies and retells the story to the maids, getting all embarrassed, saying it’s like a scene from a Korean series. Pai tells him it’s all done. Kongkai is so disappointed. No more saliva-swapping for Romeo. He sees an invisible speck on her lips and leans in for the the real saliva-swapping. The maid and Tutu come to watch.

Pai wipes her mouth quickly. She coughs, and he asks if she got it from him. Rome sleeps on her shoulder, and Pai lets his giant head rest here and move down to her lap.

Pai goes to get Kongkai his medicine, and BOOM! She returns to Blom the Biatch cuddling next to Kongkai on the bed. [You freaking killed everything again Blom!] Pai acts indifferent and says she is just doing her job. This angers Kongkai, and he takes on Blom’s offer to care for him. Blom says she is going to wash Kongkai. [*Please raise you hands if you wanna wash him.]

Blom sets up like she went to the kitchen to prepare Kongkai some food but eavesdrop. Kongkai asks Pai if she is just really doing her job. Pai answers yes. He says if other men ask would she do the same. Pai says yes! He tells her if she’s afraid he is going to do it in her room. Pai tells him if he does, he’s got no conscience. Blom sees Pai’s robe hanging, and gets a light bulb. [I don’t wanna know your thoughts!] Outside, the maid asks what Pai will do with Blom. Pai says she will just let it be, because Blom wants her to be mad, and if she shows it, it means she losses.

At the hospital, a man follow Butler and starts eavesdropping on them, but a nurse catches the man and he runs off. Butler gets that there’s some fishing around. Blom appears in the kitchen in the bathroom, announcing that she needs her dress to be iron because she tangoed Kongkai. [F YOU!] Pai cuts her finger, and Blom just keeps demanding her food. Blom pays the maid to come say that Kongkai ordered Pai to carry the food up. Blom straps Kongkai’s sleepy arm around her, saying ‘oh, Kongkai, stop, that’s enough’.

Pai enters to see and drops the platter. This wakes up Kongkai and my poor Romeo is so confuse. The maid asks how can Kongkai do that in Pai’s room. Kongkai chases after Pai.

KK: Aroonpapai, Aroonpapai, Aroonpapai,  it’s not what you think.

Pai: I’m not a stupid, naive child that can’t tell what is what.

KK: Then I must be naive to be able to do what you think.

Pai: A go-for-easy guy like you can do anything, anywhere, anytime you want.

KK: You’re referring to this morning too.

Pai: This morning, I already told you that I did it out of duty.

KK: Then, it must be be an honor.

Pai: Too much for a go-for-easy guy like you.

KK: Then a go-for-easy guy like me would like to request to say in your room a little longer to change the environment.

Pai: It’s me that should ask you if this morning, you just want to change the environment with another person.

Tutu comes to check out to commotion. Pai goes to him, telling her she is going to a new environment and will probably not return. Outside, Blom is out to rub it in Pai’s face. She says Kongkai needs her this much. Pai mocks that Blom is the jealous villain and she is the nang ek.

Blom’s comeback: if you’re important enough than Kongkai he wouldn’t sleep with me on your bed.

Blom return to get Kongkai in the mood, but he’s NOT! Pai takes a hurtful walk with sad music and drops to the ground, crying.

Pai: Do I have any value in your eyes; how can you dare do that in my room?

Kongkai moves back to his room. Tutu come in all piss of demanding why his master didn’t stop Pai. Kongkai tells him to go look after the phone. The Family Villain discusses how they are sure that Mothermole is sick. They are planning to obstruct Kongkai from meeting this Mr. Thanakat client and orders Blom to make sure of that. Kongkai makes excuses to go off to call and hunt down Pai.

Pai is back at her home in tears. Her parents are telling her to continue fighting for her family and to learn to forgive Kongkai flaws. [I will never tolerate a cheating husband. Screw these wise words they utter in lakorns!] Blom is all over Kongkai, but he pries her off and goes check on Pai to learn she will be gone for the night.

Kongkai is back to bed, talking to himself.

KK: Doesn’t want to return home? Who are you with?

Next morning, Romeo is up early, and he goes on a man hunt for his wife. Blom follows Kongkai. Pai is at work and remembers that she has a meeting. Wayu offers her a ride, but Poochom comes to ask for advice and to offer her one too. Pai picks Poochom. Kongkai sees.

He follows and Blom follows. In the car, Poochom wants out with Bpen, but Pai tells him to live with Bpen and make the best of it. She tells him they are friends and nothing more. The destination ends up being a hotel, and Kongkai is mighty jealous. Pai meets up with her lady boss and Butler. Butler gives her files on the Mr. Thanakat (the client the one the Family Villain doesn’t want Kongkai to meet) that Mothermole had bestow on Pai. [Looks like they are planning a counterattack. SO GOOD!]

Mr. Villain wants Blom to stop following Kongkai. The father cuts in and demands Blom to uncover Kongkai’s plan with Mr. Thanakat. Butler talks to a moody Kongkai. He tells her that if Pai is truly good, then she wouldn’t take a man to a hotel. The butler laughs and tell her he was the one she went to meet. Kongkai is lost at words. Butler suggest Kongkai to be nice to Pai in order for her to be nice back. Pai knocks in Kongkai’s room but finds it empty. He ends up being in her room with the AC down to freezing. Kongkai is muttering that he’s cold. Pai brings him an additional blanket. Kongkai grabs her wrist and pulls her in.

Pai stills, and our Romeo gets it hots. [I can’t believe he seduced her.] We get slow action. [But no fast action? Sorry, forgot, it’s a Thai lakorn.] After the first round, horny Kongkai asks if she is sorry. Pai answers that it is already the duty of  wife. [Enough clips for ya?]

Yes, they have another round. Next morning Kongkai wakes up alone, and the Butler nags Kongkai to go to work to meet Mr. Thanakat who just flown to Thailand. Kongkai keeps asking for Pai.

The mole maid reports to Blom of Kongkai’s and Pai’s fateful night. The Gay Assistant tells Blom to stop being crazy that Kongkai doesn’t love her anymore. Blom calls Kongkai to go out to eat, but he says he got to work. Gay Assistant tell Blom that she have lost, but Blom declares war saying if she doesn’t get him, no one will.


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  1. Krab says:

    I was wondering which time zone is this?

  2. thanks for the recaps!!! 🙂 my MT fever is so high now! 😀

  3. dopefreshh says:

    Thanks for the caps! =] I can’t wait for episode 6 to air. And Bproong’s gay friend is right, it’s time for her to throw in the towel. But, that’s just not the n’rai we love to hate! =] Can’t wait for today’s episode.

  4. kitty says:

    i love you page and your recaps of mia taeng! it’s the only thing holding me to sanity. since i dont understand thai i have to wait patiently for the subs. your recaps helps alot! keep the good work going. i dont blame pai for falling for khongkai, hey i probably throw myself at him before he even work his magic on me…hehe

  5. Maia Thao says:

    Hahahaa, I would love it if you do episode 6 preveiw!(:

  6. HI!

    This is the link of the part 5 of MIa taeng! I hope to help you

    Thanks for the recap 😉

    • godninja says:

      What? Why couldn’t I find it? Wait, I didn’t check bieritztono channel. I thought Blom was doing some rated things on poor Kongkai. Oh well, thanks. YOU ROCK! Will get right back to recapping! THANKS AGAIN!

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