Plerng Torranong Episode 10 Recap

If Plerng Torranong episode 10 is anything, it is romantic frustration. After the first major conflict, we take on a turn to focus on the developing feeling of our four leads. I just want to ninja into the show and say:

Godninja: Hey Plerng, you gotta confess to Namfon that you got the hots for her, and Chanon, just drop the nice act and get into Seeta’s pants. Adaso?

Namfon tells him to get it together, and she teaches him some moves. BOOM! They’re filming, and Plerng is doing a kick-ass job. Namfon sees Seeta and runs off. Plerng is left in the background, and he has a sad face. [Aw, he wants to stay by her.] Chanon is starting to get the vibes that Namfon got a thing for Plerng. Then Plerng sees Namfon and Chanon, and he is getting sadder. [You and Chanon need to man-up and grab your lady!] Everyone is praising Plerng, and he asks for a compliment from Namfon. She simply says he’s usable. [Liar! He’s so adorable.]

Seeta and Namfon is invited to dinner at Yasoyoting; Busakon and Naree come to create a scene, accusing them of have a celebration when her son is out hiding and Grandma giving everything to Plerng. Nat calls Naree and asks her to come out to meet him when is fact he is setting her up with the black market dealer guy. Naree goes and is knock out. Namfon watches Seeta and Pompaew wash dishes. Pompaew mentions how Plerng praises Seeta to her. [Namfon! This is the first time I feel bad for you.]

Namfon and Chanon talks about his one-sided love. Namfon gets a bit heart-felt, and Chanon says she is responding like she is hurting too. He asks if the man is Plerng. [Oh, you got it Mr. Nice Guy!] Seeta tells Plerng that what if here is a person who likes him. He dismisses it, saying there’s none. [Dude, she is slapping it in your face already, dumbo!] After sending the sister duet off, Chanon asks Plerng of what he thinks of Seeta. Plerng answers straight out, we are friends.

Okay, all of our love birds get absorbed of their one-sided love. Plerng thinks of how they are sticking to it that they are friends. Namfon reflects of how she is liking the same guy her sister does. Chanon is sad, pondering of how he can’t be in Seeta’s eyes. [Oh, shall I go reflect on my love life–or better lack there of–too tonight? He he he.]

Naree wakes up in the black dealer’s house, he rapes her. Next morning, she returns to an annoying Busakon nitpicking her of where she was all night. The black dealer sends her a clip of their previous night. Naree cries. [OH! I just wanna take back all the bad things I said about you! You got it bad coming.] A client withdraws his contract with Thai Diamond because their family matters are shattering their trust image.

Peephom asks Busakon to get Naree and Public Relations to fix the bad news. Plerng gets a request to shoot a spread on The Glory of Love piece. He goes begging Namfon to model with him. She keeps rejecting, but finally agrees. [You see that smile on Mario? This is my first time seeing that handsome crooked smile and I LOVE IT!!!]

Busakon keeps nagging Naree, telling her not to fix any of the bad news. Naree tells her mother enough is enough, she just wants out! [Yes! Yes! You’re digging your own grave by staying!] Plerng and Namfon’s taping is a big hit, and the reviews are plentiful and positive. Plerng and Namfon shoot their spread, getting mighty close to each other.

Afterwards, the press interviews Plerng. He stands by the quality of Thai diamond. When questioned on his realtionship with Namfon, he pauses. Namfon comes in and takes the question, answering that they are friends and will never be anything more. The press asks Plerng of his thoughts. He replied that it’s like what Namfon says. Seeta is the only one smiling, Plerng, Namfon, and Chanon is hurting.

The shoot is the front cover of BM Magazine, and there is an article on Plerng. Grandma is pleased at Plerng’s ability to answer the question. At work, an English costumers returns his purchases, lecturing Thai diamond of their failure to live up their name. [NO, NOT AGAIN!]

The purchases are fake! They are from Uncle Peephom’s stock, and they get Busakon to open up the safe to the diamond collection. Everything is accounted for. Busakon is pleased with the crisis, happy with the negative reviews on Thai Diamond. Naree is with the Black Dealer and he making her sleep with him and steal him the diamond necklaces. [Poor poor Naree!] Naree returns home and Busakon tells her of the new situation and how they are trying to catch the thief. [Girl, you gotta come clean, or you’re gonna be in BIG shit!]


The featured art is made by our viewer Luna, so thank you.

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