Plerng Torranong Episode 9 Recap

The first death in Plerng Torranong. Oh, you’re so intense!

Pompaew sees everything and yells for help. Grandma crawls out of the office and tells Nat to stop. Nat is all confuse at the results of his actions and flees. Plerng and the family hear about the news of Grandma and Samaa at the hospital and leaves back to Bangkok.

Samaa is dead, and Grandma is safe. The police comes to investigate. Grandma is very shaken, the doctor advises everyone to reduce her stress, but Grandma insists in the police interview.

Seeta is cheering Namfon on for Chanon. [Girls, it’s the other way around.] After the police interview, they leave for the scene to investigate. Lin wakes up, screaming for Plerng and gets shut up at the news that Samaa is dead.

Busakon and Naree is called in to be question again as the police got phone records of their phone exchange last night after the incident. Busakon turns the table by saying she suspects Plerng and Ponpaew because if the Grandma dies, they will gain the mass percentage of the company. Busakon follows Plerng and Pompaew and slaps her, saying she is bad luck for ever since she came to Yasosyoting, only bad things have happened.

Busakon and Naree sneaks out the back way to meet Nat at his hiding house, but finds it empty with a note. News is all over, and Nat is paranoid. Grandma insists on going to her beloved maid funeral, and Plerng allows her.

Nat seeks help from the black market dealer, but he wants Naree in exchange for his aid. Namfon and Seeta sends Lin to Yasoyoting, and Busaba blames Namfon for the downfall of Nat. Plerng gets a special nurse to look over Grandma.

Uncle Peephom asks Pompaew to look after Grandma because Samaa is gone, and she agrees to do her best. At work, Namfon’s sponsor demands the next taping to be of Plerng’s appearance. Namfon and Plerng meet, and she makes him agree.

Back at Yasoyoting, Seeta visit Grandma, and while talking afterward, Chanon tells her that he supports her and Plerng. Plerng shares the news of going on a show and Lin is excited. Grandma still resents Pompeaw to take the role of Samaa.

[My favorite scene of Lin’s reaction to Plerng’s TV appearance!]

Lin: Huh? Pee Plerng is going to appear on TV. Soon, Pee Plerng will soon be famous and have people ask to act in lakorns. Become a pra ek; then I’ll get to be the girlfriend of a pra ek. And I get to give interview to reporters like: nothing, there’s nothing, we’re just friends, just talking normally… [LMAO!!!]

Our poor Plerng sleeps outside of Grandma’s room, and finally Grandma agrees to let Pompaew take care of her. Namfon wakes up late but rushes to the film location to an already waiting Plerng. He makes an excuse for her, saying she had urgent business to attend. She thanks him is a meek voice.

Plerng:  Some people when argue, voice is so loud, but when apologizing, it’s so soft.

Seeta shows new designs to Chanon and invites him to watch Plerng and Namfon film. Plerng is messing up bad, forgetting his que and only answering with simple yes. Namfon is anger at him.

Plerng: Do you ever have a first day or a first time?

Namfon: No, I’m beautiful and talented.

Plerng: Well, I’m not talented like you then.

Namfon gives him an ugly look. [Aw, can’t you tell? Plerng’s nervous because of you and complimenting you!]


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5 Responses to Plerng Torranong Episode 9 Recap

  1. ungsumalin says:

    i have a question…..
    so your just doing the recaps…
    ooohhh….i thought you were actually
    subbing the lakorn to what they were actually
    saying to each other….. ok…..

    • godninja says:

      I am just recapping, summarizing the actions and the conversations, though the italicize content are my direct translation from their dialogue. we are launching a viki channel for plerng torranong, but we are waiting for approval. plus i need to get the video source.

  2. Pajai Xiong says:

    ima soo excited for the subbing of plerng toranong!!thanks soo much!! i love the capping!!awesome job!!

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