Plerng Torranong Episode 7-8 Recap

The first major conflict peaks right here!

The models are called in to get on their pieces. Plerng is enchanted by Namfon beauty as she gets the finale piece The Glory of Love. Busakon just steals the MC duty for Peephom, and she does a bias job thanking Seeta, Nat, and Naree for the success of the showcase. [WTF? Though I do loooveee her stretched English!]

Everyone goes back to take their seat in the audience. Then two model leaves for a bathroom break. On the way, the finale male model is video recording and catches Nat with his two dirty man. The male model gets beat up and his phone taken. Nat goes to see Namfon and insist on talking to her. He hugs her, and in the act, he loosens the necklace.

Then, blackout! When it is over, we see the necklace on the ground. Namfon picks it up and leaves, but Nat has the real one is his hand. Due to the suspicious blackout, all of the jewelery are checked, and Namfon’s necklace was fake! Busakon is all anger at the delay, and comes in to check. The male model comes in all beat up and says Nat’s man attacked him for his phone. The phone was actually the female model’s so she take it out as evidence. Nat tries to stop them, but his mother takes charge saying she want to know who the culprit is and will personally send that person to prison.

SHOCKER! The video shows Nat with the two suspicious men. Nat bolts for the doors! Guilty as charged! Plerng and Chanon chases after. Nat get sinto the two dirty men car, and they shoot at Plerng, but he dodges. Luckily, the man drops the real necklace ,and Plerng was able to return it.

The fashion show continues flawlessly as Plerng head up to the stage to model the finale along Namfon to replace the hurt model. Busakon and Naree is stressing over Nat being cut off the inheritance by Grandma.

Next morning, news is out about Nat stealing the diamonds. The family meets. Busakon keeps saying that Plerng is the one behind everything, but no one believes. it. Grandma is very please at the new clients Plerng’s Showcase had driven. She gives Nat’s marketing manager position to Plerng. Nat goes to the black market dealer, but he kicks Nat out.

The fourling Plerng, Chanon, Namfon, and Seeta eat out to celebrate, and apparently, Plerng is now an instant hottie over night with girls wanting to take pictures with him. Namfon apologizes to Plerng of thinking he was bad. He says she is cute, and they pinky promise to be friends. [NOO! Not friends!] Seeta and her mother plans an employee getaway. Grandma buys clothes and a car for Plerng.

Plerng tricks Grandma to go for her check up. He tells her to think of the person who gave his heart to her and how that person would want her to be healthy. She is touched at the gesture, Plerng reminding Grandma of her beloved son. The doctor says Grandma is in good shape. Busakon begs Namfon to testify that the necklace did not come off her neck. Namfon rejects, and she get her first taste at the evilness of Busakon.

Chanon brings flowers to Seeta. After reading the card [I can’t read Thai,so don’t know what it write.], she tells him they are better as friends. My Chanon is heartbroken. [I have a guyfriend that looks like Chanon, so when he hurts, I hurt bad!] Namfon begs Plerng to come on her show, but he runs off not wanting the fame. Busakon and Naree tells Grandma that Plerng is trying to take all of the Yasosyoting wealth. Grandma answers that she is starting to think that they are the bad ones.

Namfon’s mother comes to share her thought of hosting a joint-company employee getaway. Everybody will be gone except Grandma. Busakon hears this and relays the information to Nat. It will be the perfect opportunity for him to come beg Grandma to forgive him. Lin gets Grandma’s permission to go, and they leave.

Lin is all over Plerng, swapping a room to get closer to Plerng and telling Seeta off ‘her boyfriend’. Seeta has made Plerng a knitted scarf to give to him. Plerng calls his mom to tell her they have reached the resort, and Grandma picks up the call to hear Plerng telling her mother to take care of Grandma. [That’s it! Grandma is totally won over; she’s just too stubborn to admit!]

Busakon and Naree comes to warn Namfon of her change in side that when Nat gets all of the wealth, she won’t be able to return to him. They almost slap fight. Namfon sees their real color. Chanon is giving in and allowing Seeta and Plerng to be together. Namfon asks him why. He response that he can’t keep the one that doesn’t love him. This seem to reflect Namfon’s feelings too and she quiets.

Seeta tries to get out Plerng’s feeling of her, but he is more concerned about his work and family. Heartbroken Chanon is in the background hurting. [Baby, look away!] Nat ninjas into Yasosyoting. He hugs and begs Grandma, confessing to his wrongdoings. She forgives him but cannot return his position as the marketing manager.

This made Nat angry, and he gets vicious that Grandma favors Plerng. The maid Samaa enters and tries to get Nat off the weak Grandma. Nat pulls Samaa out. Pompaew finishes in the kitchen and hears the commotion. She sees Nat pushes Samaa. Then thud, and Samaa is motionless on the floor.

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7 Responses to Plerng Torranong Episode 7-8 Recap

  1. roni says:

    i love your neck mark prin i wanna kiss hug taste to lick it much ,.. your so handsome if i could have a chance even just a day with you …muah!! please i wanna hug you and wrapped my arms all over your neck …mua! mua! mua! ilove you ,<3

  2. visoth pich says:

    hi i was wondering if you knew the background music in this lakorn and where i can find it online? im talking aobut that soft almost piano sounding song that almost always play dduring sad moments. it played during the part where seeta(i think that the odler sister name) was unpackign her clothes at the hotel and was wonderign if plerng was really seeign lin

    • godninja says:

      there is 3 songs in PT; they are
      1. title song which i dont know the name of by Zeal

      2. other male song Paing Nai Jai by Boy Peacemaker

      3. female song Ja Yoo Nai Tur Yang Rai by Punch

      tell me if you would like mp3 dls of the song

  3. Guest says:

    I love Plerng and Sita….but it’s only one sided though. Than again I love non-canon couples.

  4. On Chanon’s card — the word is “I love you.”

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