Plerng Torranong Episode 4-6 Recap

Today, Godfairy and I did a Plerng Torranong episode 4-8 medley, so now the recapping war begins.

Namfon films her show at the jewelry factory with Chanon, and while fixing her mic, she loses one of her earrings. Plerng passes out design assignments to the jewelery makers and sees suspicious activity. Nat sells the diamonds off to the black market guy, and they plan of another deal.

Grandma tells Pompaew to come serve her if she wants to be forgiven. Later, Namfon returns to find Plerng just about to pocket her earring. She accuses him of being a thief after hours. He gives it back. Plerng hitches a ride back with Namfon. Midway, her cars breaks down, and he ends up at her home.

Seeta tells Plerng to take off his clothes and dry them. Namfon walks into Plerng stepping into his briefs. She yells at his perversion. [Sure honey, you walked into him!] Plerng dressed and haves some soup and leaves. Next day, Nat plans a setup to brand Plerng at a thief by having Naree place her ring in Plerng room. [Oh, not that move. I that move!]

Plerng returns home and is asked to attend the family meeting where he is accuse of being the thief. Plerng offers his room to be searched. The search ends up with nothing, because the maid had seen Naree suspiciously entered Plerng’s room and had taken the ring out. Grandma knows about the set up but says it doesn’t mean she have forgiven them. Seeta and Chanon works together on jewelry designs.

Afterward while talking on a skywalk, Seeta’s sketches flew away. Chanon chases it, even putting himself before a car. [Why can’t Seeta see that he is her hero?!?] Again Naree deliberately bumps into Pompaew to pour hot soup over her arm to make her look like a country bumpkin. Later that night, Plerng gets a call from Lin’s father that she had runaway. Plerng picks up Lin, and she stirs up some trouble but gets Grandma permission to live at Yasosyoting. [I don’t like Lin’s character. So far, she haven’t been any help!]

Plerng gets an office in his father’s old room. Chanon partners up Plerng to work with Seeta on their combine project. Plerng’s intelligent ideas shocked Seeta. He proposes bringing in international parties from Europe and America and to have the highlight theme be ‘The Glory of Love’. Nat talks to the dealer, and he demands that he wants the diamond set of The Glory of Love.

Grandma calls Plerng to inquiry his plan, and Plerng impresses her. Plerng, Chanon, Namfon, and Seeta goes scouting for a reception hall for the diamond showcase. Namfon sticks to Plerng and tries to get him away from Seeta and Chanon go they can be alone. Namfon fakes a stomach, and at the restaurant, they bump into a server and food is spilled all over them.

Namfon and Plerng ends up in a room wearing robes as their clothes are washed. Nat finds out, and he enters to scold Namfon of being unfaithful. She is very angry and break off the engagement. [Best move eva! Finally, you do something right!] Namfon does not regret it knowing that she doesn’t love Nat. Nat really wants her because he wants her family shares to combine with his.

Plerng comes to apologize to Namfom and Nat enters again. Finally, Plerng gives him a punch. Namfon guilts him into letting her follow him to work. Plerng ends up going to Rayong to meet his old boss to ask use his connection to bring clients to The Glory of Love showcase. Before leaving, Lin’s father comes to see Plerng and says that he entrust his daughter to him.

Namfon questions if he and Lin are dating. Plerng almost chokes, saying of course not. They return to the worried couple Seeta and Chanon. Seeta here likes Plerng, while Chanon likes her. Even Namfon is starting to care for Plerng as he calls her to check on her. [Oh, the drama in one-sided love, and in I-love-you-but-I-won’t-admit love.]

The Aunt, Nat, and Naree withdraws from the project. The showcase is proceeding to be successful, and Nat is scared, so he get his mother to ask Namfon to model. Plerng comments that she is too expensive.

As the day draws near, Nat has the fake necklace ready. On the day, Plerng gets a bit jealous watching Namfon rehearse. Aunt Busakon, Nat, and Naree is baffled by the foreign attendees. Busakon quickly installs herself as the creditor of the showcase. Seeta and Plerng goes to check backstage, and we see Nat spying with an evil smiling spreading.

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2 Responses to Plerng Torranong Episode 4-6 Recap

  1. Luna says:

    Really loving this!

  2. Pajai Xiong says:

    thanks soo much!Nat is PURE evil!

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