Plerng Torranong Episode 1-3 Recap

Plerng Torranong (Flame of Arrogance) is the current prime-time slot holder on Channel 3 on Friday and Sunday starring young Mario Maurer (22) and “Taew” Nattaporn Taemeerak (22). I don’t understand why the fever isn’t as extreme as Mia Taeng. Sure, it is more serious with a conflict beyond the inquiry of love, but it is not over-hounding in the family drama, making me enjoy is thoroughly.

As the title suggests, Plerngparit (Mario Maurer) lives a subtle life in Rayong with his parents, Pompat and Pompaew. His life changes when Namfon (“Taew” Nattaporn  Taemeerak) comes to film a show in the local market. Plerng sees a cart colliding into Namfon and stops it. Namfon, being a stuck-up city girl, flings money at him.

Watching from aside, Plerng’s puppy crusher Lin cuts in to defend that some people’s good intentions is not for money compensation. This angered Namfon, and she declares to give bad review of the place. Miew, being the daughter of the market, announces that if any of the vendors help kick Namfon out, she’ll discount their rent. Namfon gets chased out. Right from the first meeting, bad blood is feuded between Plerng and Namfon.

Namfon proceeds to film at a seafood processing plant and meets Plerng again, mistaking him for a janitor, when in fact he is the President’s assistant. At the Company Thai Diamond, Grandma announces the current loss in profit. She does not trust the business to her greedy daughter, Busakon, and soft-spoken son, Peephom. At the Yasoyoting residence, the grandson, Anat (“Aof” Pongsak Rattanapong) tells his Grandma to move on because the son she loves the most has left her and will never return to a horrible mother like her. Grandma has a heart attack.

News is out, and Plerng’s father is the son-in-question. The family quickly leaves Rayong to Bangkok to seek the ailing Grandma to ask for forgiveness, but before the opportunity, they get in an accident. Plerng only gets a scratch, his mother is unconscious but safe, but his father is brain-dead. Plerng learns that his Grandma needs a heart transplant, and he offers his father’s heart. He meets his Uncle Peephom and Aunt Busakon, and they finalize the exchange. Plerng believes his father would have wanted this as his apology.

Busakon, on the other hand, wants most of the Yasoyoting’s wealth and strikes a deal with Plerng to stay silent on the matter that he had given his father’s heart to the grandma. Plerng agrees, and the uncle is swore into secrecy. Namfon is the fiance of Nat, and when she catches Plerng in Grandma’s room, she accuses him of stealing. Out of anger, he tells her that he is just saying goodbye to his father’s heart. Namfon, inconveniently, becomes one of the people who knows the ‘secret’. So now, our poor Plerng leaves back to home with a broken-arm mother and a coffin in the trunk.

However during the funeral, Uncle Peephom and his son Chanon (“Mac” Weeradon Wangcharoenporn) invites Plerng and his mother to come to the Yasoyoting residence and apologize to the recovered Grandma properly like his dead father wanted. Namfon returns again to finish filming her show, and Plerng talks Lin into letting her film. For the first time, Namfon sees the kind gentleman in Plerng. Namfons’ parents apparently know Plerng’s father, so she attended the funeral to find its Plerng’s father. Nat comes to see Namfon and follows her to the funeral, where he sees that Namfon is caring for his arch-enemy.

Busakon had confined in Nat, her son, and daughter, Nanaree, so Nat spins the story for Namfon that Plerng has sold his father’s heart to them for a great sum of money. This kills Namfon’s beginning trust of Plerng. Grandma learns of her beloved son’s death and that Plerng, who she had met before, was indeed her grandson. Plerng’s mother Pompaew wants to take on the invitation to Yasoyoting, Plerng agrees, and they leave with the Uncle and Chanon.

At the residence, Busakon shifts them to live in the servant quarters. Plerng and Pompaew seeks for forgiveness, but Grandma refuses to accept. At the moment they decide to leave, Uncle Peephom tells Plerng of his father’s 20% share in the company. Plerng decides to use that power to install him a place in the company and win over Grandma.

Grandma tells him that she will consider an apology if he learns everything about Thai Diamond within 3 months to propose a plan and up their profit margin pass what his father did. Uncle Peephom says it is impossible, even his father would be unable to perform the miracle. He tells Plerng of the company’s current investigatin of diamonds with replaced with fake.  Namfon’s older sister Seeta (“Jern” Warunya  Charoenpornsirisuk) is friend with Chanon, and they’re developing a slow romance.

Plerng goes into the jewelry making department undercover. One of the jewelry maker is in a deal with Nat to swap the diamonds, where Nat can sell them on to a black market dealer for personal gain. They’re planning a new swap, and Plerng it going to be a ninja and uncover the act!


Godfairy will be heading up a Plerng Torranong Subbing Team at viki SOON!

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5 Responses to Plerng Torranong Episode 1-3 Recap

  1. godninja says:

    I know two big time thai-eng subbers: Anonymousblue2001 and Wishboniko and YT, but they have present project already. But try asking them.

  2. ungsumalin says:

    thank you!
    thank you so much!
    im so happy you guys are subbing plerng toranong!
    i thought i would suffer watching the lakorn without knowing what they’re saying….thanks for your help!!! :DD
    can you sub LILLY SEE KULARB too?!?
    thanks again…. i love you guys!!! ❤

    • godninja says:

      i watched a bit yesterday starting with epi 1 with my mom, and it didn’t catch my attention (though Cee did!). right now we are working at our max capacity. our home computer has been down for ages, cutting our godly power down to 2 laptops and the wii. therefore, time does not permit us to sub lily see kularb. truly sorry.

  3. Pissh says:

    I’m so greatful I found this site. Thank you so much for the recap. I’m so excited that it’s going to be sub in viki! Yayy, can’t wait.

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