July Fearture Artist : “Bie” Sukrit Wisetkaew

If viral describes any one artist, it would be “Bie” Sukrit Wisetkaew. As The Star 3 first runner up, he onboarded to act for Exact Scenario in 2006 and started his acting fame with “Roy Adeed Hang Rak.” Shortly after, the release of his debut song “I Need Somebody” nailed in this teen idol sensation. After that, Bie has accomplished many remarkable milestones, winning many artist awards, beasting in his hot lakorns, and more, Bie has stole the hearts of many screaming girls. FOR SUPER DUPER VIDEOS READ ON….

Just to exemplarify the fandom of “I Need Somebody” (this song alone in 2006 grabbed three top awards: Star Entertainment Most Popular Song,  Seed Awards II  Most Popular Song, and IN Young Generation Choice Best love Song of Year), the following are three videos of GREAT ‘interest’:

Of course, here’s the original to compare (if you haven’t seen it or want to compare).

1. TV Show Parody. Older, longer, but a cheesy LOL promise.

2. Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong lakorn Parody. Ken doing his own spin! Eye Candy! Start at 2:40, you’ll see the start of their showdown to when Ken sings the chorus “I need somebody looovvveeee.”

3. This one is more current, probably after Bie make waves in China. IF YOU WANT CUTE, click this one!!! It’s short, and it won’t dissapoint! Love the accent!

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