Mia Taeng Episode 4 Recap

Okay! Blom you NEED a major slap job. As I predicted, our Romeo wasn’t ninja enough to steal a kiss.

Blom interrupts in time, saying she had an argument with her father and brother. She cooks up a story of her father been angry at her and how family is everything to her. [BS! You freakin hate your ‘family’!] Kongkai promises her that soon he can take care of her. Pai overhears Mothermole and Butler taking about the Villain Family’s ulterior motive of stealing their company. Mothermole asks Pai to preserve the company for her.

Next morning, Kongkai finally returns home. First thing he does? Drag Pai to have their second ‘divorce talk’. He asks for her answer, and Pai demands the 10 million.

 KK: In truth, you are a money-driven woman!

Pai: Who doesn’t like money?

Kongkai lets her wrist go. [Aw, the slow action and the dramatic song kills me. OHHHH! My Romeo is feeling it bad.]

Wayu comes to pick Pai up in his motorcycle. Kongkai watches him clasp the helmet strap on Pai. Wayu keeps insisting Pai to hold on tight to him. [Kongkai, give her a car so she won’t need to carpool!] They drive off, and Tutu, the maid’s kid, tells his master that he is jealous ‘sure’. [See, even a child can tell.] Kongkai goes to work and talks with Blom on how greedy Pai is for money.

At the company meeting, the associates are questioning Kongkai’s capability due to the negative handling of their clients. War is ON! For the project, both Kongkai and Mr. Villain with submit proposals and then ranking with need to be reconsidered. Mothermole  deliberately drops the bomb that Pai is bringing friends to dinner back home. Kongkai rushes back forgetting Blom.

Kongkai, talking with his mom, says inviting them to his territory is rubbing it in his face big time. [Oh, you know that too?] During lunch Choopom and Wayu is sandwiched between Pai. Everyone is complimenting her cooking. Jealous jealous jealous Kongkai orders Pai to serve soup for husband. He seems to take pleasure at doing this. After dinner, Wayu and Choopom battle it out how who is going home first. Kongkai watches from upstairs, blood boiling.

Pai returns to her room and Kongkai grabs her, saying she’s so expensive, he wants to use her to its value. He carries her to the bed, forcing her still. He gets a few kisses on her shoulder.

KK: Sweet like this, no wonder they’re fighting.

Pai fights a bit, then stills. Kongkai goes in for the mouth…then the Blom siren interupts again. [If I hear “Kongkai, ka” one more time. I’m gonna…curse Blom to have a horrible downfall!]

Blom knocks like the end of the world. She brings more gossip news for Kongkai to see. Kongkai hugs Pai down to stop her from opening the door. Kongkai comes down to talk with Blom. Tutu watches lakorn and he and the maids’ comments is veered toward dissing Blom. When Mothermole tells Blom to leave, she fakes the oldest move-fainting.

No one wants to make Blom some warm food, so Pai offers. In the kitchen, Pai cries and sniffles battling her feelings. Kongkai sees, and he goes ALL SOFT!  He tells her the soup smells delicious. [And I thought you didn’t know how to be nice.] Pai offers him some. Blom drops in again and totally ruins the moment claiming that she picked up a call form Wayu. The call ended up being from Pai’s boss instead. [Argggh! Blom, just take the goddamn worst-timing award already!]

Poochom is at the club again, and he saves the drunken lady from the last time. Poochom ended up socking her father who was preventing her from modeling for a cook photoshot. [The scoop for Pai’s work, I bet.] Next morning, Butler wakes up Blom. She comes to breakfast in her robes and gets lecture by Mothermole. Blom is all, I’m out of wits to get along with you wife and your mother.

At work, Kongkai finally looks smart in my eyes as he proposes a stellar plan, but the competition with Mr. Villain is still on. Kongkai is at Blom’s, and she distracts him. They’re going at it on the couch, and Mr. Villain sees. [o.O] Mr. Villain breaks them up, and Kongkai leaves. Mr. Villain reminds Blom to get their sabotage plan in action.

Kongkai comes pick up Pai and meets the model who was the one tricked to come entertain his clients. She wants to thanks Kongkai, and he suggests a kiss. She takes on the offer and kisses him. [Pai, how can you stay still like that?] Blom sees and a catfight breaks between the model and Blom. Wayu tries to help by pouring water at the fight but hits Kongkai. Then Wayu and Kongkai throw some punches. [Double catfights! WOW!] Pai stops them all by threatening that she’ll report to the police.

In Kongkai’s car, Blom accuses Pai of finding a younger women for Kongkai. And she expressed her impatience at waiting one year for him. The Villain Family finds out that Mothermole has a disease and is going to uncover it. We find out that tomorrow Mothermole is doing her chemo, but she need to go to the function too. Kongkai is not home, and Mothermole is trying to dress up brightful tomorrow to cover her weakness. [Can’t believe this! Blom, you’re starting to look a bit more presentable.] Kongkai picks up Blom to the fuction as his date.

Kongkai gets told by Mothermole to stick by Pai’s side. It’s a diamond showcase. Mothermole buys the diamond set Blom is modeling and right off Blom’s neck, the  necklace is transferred to Pai. [Symbolism! Oh, the symbolism.] Backstage, Blom makes it look like Pai harmed her to Kongkai. Then they are rushed by reporters. Mothervillain smiles from afar. [This is a stupid setup.] Mothermole demands Konkai to return home with Pai. Kongkai, totally sold on that Pai hurted Blom, gives Pai a killer look.

Kongkai looking MEAN. [Hot and mean.]


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2 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 4 Recap

  1. Faith says:

    JEZAZ! THAI people are so “emotional”! Just like Jamaicans! Every possible thing that can go wrong does in a thai lakorn! I LOVE IT!!

  2. Thanks for the recap!!
    I don’t understand thai and Thanks to your blog I’m able to understand the scenes until the subtitles are ready . The story is getting interesting, and is unfortunately have to wait another week after to watch the preview
    …..which has left me speechless

    (Sorry for my bad english!!

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