Mia Taeng Episode 3 Recap

Kongkai is in utter silence, not being able to answer. Pai saves him by saying that he doesn’t need to speak, she already knows who he would chose. Pai goes off with Wayu, daring Kongkai to not follow, or she’ll consider it that he picked her. [Kongkai, you totally got backed into a corner. Oh, Romeo you’re hurting!]

Mr. Villain calls Blom.

Mr. V: I have the right to order you back right now!

Blom tells him she does not need heed him. [The fish odor is getting stronger.] In the lobby, Kongkai follows  to give a punch to Wayu.

Blom appears and they fight it out then Pai offers to patch up Wayu. Kongkai gets jealous and pulls Pai aside to say how dare she take another man to her room. Blom interrupts by say she’s sleepy. [F you, biatch!] Back in his room, he is having his one-sided jealously rage.

Blom sooths him and gets him in the mood. Then they tango. Pai is alone in her room, talking to herself if he will ever have any respect for her. After the act, Kongkai is awake talking aloud that no one has ever hate him this much like Aroonpapai. [Men, they’re hugging one and thinking of another.]

Next morning, the groups meet again. Boss Jaidee is trashing Blom, and Kongkai is so distracted looking at Pai’s every move. His attention is all on Pai. [This guy is freaking jealous, and he is denying his actions. Stoopid!] Then Pai goes to her room, and Wayu follows saying that Boss Jaidee needs her shampoo from the room. Kongkai follows and enters too.

Inside, he sees Wayu come out of the bathroom, and he accuse of her un-wifey behaviors. Pai tells Kongkai out. Blom’s voice is heard and she asks if Kongkai is inside. Wayu calls out yes. [Funny!] Blom enters and takes furious Kongkai away. Bpen calls Pochom and suspects him of being with Pai.

Mothermole and Butler is talking and she gets light-headed. We learned she is doing chemotherapy. [Holy cow! What is it? Kongkai is such a horrible son.] Poochom ends up at a club, drinking then he finds a druken girl and babysits her through the night.  Konkai wakes up early and calls up Butler and finds out that Pai is leaving, so he leaves too.

[I love the Enode’s analogy.

MM: Usually, women follows him around, but it’s only Arronpapai that makes him crazy, following her to all places like this.

Butler: Enode is like this, before he can see the value of Busaba, he had to have Chalika come in first.

MM: And if Busaba runs back to Bangkok, will Enode be able to catch her in time.

Enode is a famous Thai flirtatous Prince who had many wives but his soulmate is Busaba.]

Next morning, Poochom sends the sober woman home, and Bpen is mistaken that he is at Pai’s house. Poochom arrives just as Pai arrives home. Bpen appears and sees them together, so Bpen has a fit and accuses Pai of being a husband stealer. Mothermole enters to stop the commotion. Back inside, Kongkai asks if she have pleasure in having guys battle it out for her. Pai just goes along.

Butler has a monolouge on the meaning of a ‘Mia Taeng’ Wedded wife. A wedded wife is one is brings happiness and stands by her husbad through the bad. Pai decides to bring in towels into Kongkai’s room. He enters and get all cuddly with her, saying he’s going to shower and that he is ‘in the mood’. Blom calls. Kongkai hugs her through it.

KK: Nee, don’t you feeling anything?

Pai: Yes. I feel irriatiated.


Next morning, news is out with pictures of the previous night of Kongkai and Blom going out. This was all fashioned up by Blom and she does an interview to fix it, and explains that she is just a normal girl, who when love, love wholeheartedly. [Benz. That was superb acting!] Butler and Pai is more concern about Mothermole’s condition. [Damn! When will they let Kongkai know!]

Kongkai sends Blom home. Mr. Villain gets all touchy. [These two are sooo way more that sis-bro.] When ask what Kongkai can to take responsiblity of Blom, he quiets. Back at home, Kongkai drags Pai to have their first ‘divorce talk’. He demands how much she wants. Mothermole comes right on in and say 10 million and that Pai is worth way more that that price. Kongkai is enraged as Mothermole adds that she will give a fraction of his inheritence to Pai.

Chompoo and Wayu bring flowers, and Kongkai intercepts again. Kongkai goes to talk with Blom. She can’t believe the 10 million. When he adds that Pai will get a part of his inheritence too, Bloms face drops. Then he goes on to say, Pai won’t stop until he gets nothing. Blom goes WTF rite here. [Guess we know her definition of love. $$$?] Then he calms her that at least he got her. [Romeo, you might want to look down.]

Mothermole needs chemo. Pai promises that she will take care of her. Kongkai comes to breafast. [Okay, they’re eating at a new table. How big is this house? Really!] He comments at Pai trying to fatten up this family and then he spat out the coffee the moment Mothermole said Pai made it. At the meeting, Kongkai tells Mr. Villain to handle entertainment for their clients. The father and son discuss sabatoge. [Intense!]

Kongkai and Blom is at Hua Hin and they tango in the sea. [Do they purposefully give lots of airtime to these two to go at it? I don’t care, as well as Rome is shirtless.] Pai appears at the dinner party dressed to impress. [Kongkai sure is stumped. He forgot about Blom. Oh and Blom’s dress looks army inspired.] Later, an English man asks Pai to dance and Kong and Pai follows. Kongkai’s attention in all on Pai. Finally, he pries Blom off and gets a reluctant dance with Pai. [Romeo, you so close?]

Mr. Villain grabs Blom into a room, and he gets sensual with her. [Looks to me like Blom ain’t their biological daughter. Mothervillain called her ‘dek nai ban’ meaning ‘kid in the house’ once.]

Kongkai goes out and finds the clients having a pool party with drinks and lady entertainers dancing evoctively. [So, this was the evil plan.] Pai enters with the woman that was tricked to come to give a yell at Kongkai. Pai is harsh. [I don’t even pity him one bit, cuz he is always mistakening her and yealling at her with his asumptions. So back at you Kongkai!] Kongkai catches her in the hall, and gets dirty. He wants it in with her, saying they can in his room or her room but settles for her room cause it’s closer. [Oh, you horny!!!]

Oh Romeo, kiss her already, before Blom’s siren goes off.


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7 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 3 Recap

  1. shin says:

    LOL!!! >…< LOVE the caps!! LOVE your thoughts along with it! HAHAHAAH 😀

  2. love says:

    thank you so much for the caps!!…i love reading lakorn caps while im at work..=)

    • godninja says:

      i dont fancy this idea of my blog being a distraction but…hey, just dont get catch.

      • love says:

        Sorry if my words are not worded properly. I only read caps, surf the web, and join forums when I have my free time to do whatever i want. Its just me and my boss in our own department so our days are usually never busy. Sometimes im even able to write my fanfics in a day…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, thanks for linking me. Appreciate it.

  4. Ihearthim says:

    Wow! Thank u for the caps! This epi sure sounds more sensual. Love chompoo character in this lakorn.

  5. amee says:

    thank for the fast recap..

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