Mia Taeng Episode 2 Recap

Blom is out for war with Pai. She mocks that the person who can marry Kongkai has to be a ‘somebody’ and for Pai to see that between a girl who Kaongkai loves and a girl who his mother pick, who will he chose.

At the Company meeting, PV Corporation will sponsor a fashion show to boost their image. Pai is back at work and meets Wayu (“Wan” Thanakrit Panichwit) who is a photographer. He has a liking for her and is definitely disappointed that she is married. Blom appears at the company and offers to model in the fashion show.[See how happy Kongkai is at the news.] Motherole then adds that Pai will model too. [That wiped off his smile.]

At dinner, Kongkai and Blom appears together. Intelligent mocking is volleyed around. Pai is cleaning up in the kitchen and Kongkai enters to bicker. She tells him he is not a gentleman, and on the defense, Kongkai asks if she wants him to perform his husbandly duties and if she wanted him that much. He got all up in her face, then the head maid enters to inform Pai of a call form Wayu. Jealous Kongkai takes the call, and tells Wayu off that Pai is a married and busy.

He gets in a rage again. [Two in one evening? Jealous much?]

At the fashion show, Kongkai shows up with a bouquet to give to Pai. Then Blom deliberately gives him a peck. Mothermole ups her donation and get the finale dress for Pai. Gay Assistant goes to loosen the dress shoulder seam. Blom ends up with the damage dress. In the catwalk, she tries to push Pai, but Pai steps on her dress skirt. OOPs! Blom’s shoulder strap snaps off and she tries to front her coolness.

Next Morning, Kongkai, still in his [white AE, again!] nightie, he hunts for Pai. She hoses him, and then gets squirmy as she can through his white clothes. [Hot! Should have gave me a full forntal.] Blom is at her condo, and her assistant get touchy with her on the topic of knowing how behind Kongkai, she’s got it in with another. Mr. Villain appears and there is a series of conversation with the awkward family on how Blom is to be blame for failing to catch Kongkai.

Blom enters Pai room and takes pleasure telling her that in this room or his room, she done it. Kongkai enters, and she changes the conversation to begging Pai to go to her press conference to fix her rumor. At breakfast, Mothermole tells Kongkai to take Pai to their honeymoon.

Blom is talking with her assistant. He goes on how she’s thick for insisting she is first and only borrowing Kongkai off. Mr. Villain appears and give a beating to Blom [They sure got an estrange relationship. She calls him brother, but it doesn’t ring right and she called Mothervillain his mother. I smell fish.]

Poochom brings Pai flowers, Kongkai intercepts. Poochom tells him how he can’t cut himself off Pai and one day Kongkai will know why. [o.O The men’s first showdown.]

Pai returns, and Kongkai sees only Wayu waving her off in their work carpool. Kongkai catches Pai and comments on how she plays with the old and the young. Romeo Kongkai is so confuse.

KK: You want me to be jealous so you have guys come see you? You want to have something with me?

[Godninja: YEAH! I wanna have something with you! 555]

Kongkai manhandles Pai and she grabs a small statue and knock him to the ground in front of Mothermole, Bulter, and the maid. [ Shawty, these people needs to stop interfering! And there’s some advice at you Kongkai, hide all hard objects!]

After dinner, Poochom calls and Kongkai eavesdrops and enters to announce audibly that husband and wife got something important to do. He tells Pai to help Blom.They fight over the flower. Pai fails to snatch it, and instead lands on top of him.

Gulps, Gulps. Our pranangs exchange the nervous glances, and then they quickly recover.

At the press conference Blom clears up the wardrobe malfunction, and they get into the top of the love triangle. The reporters push to label Blom at the mistress and then question why Pai is here to help. Pai answers that she is helping her husband’s friend. [Smart.] Kongkai calls up Pai and demands that because she made his girlfriend upset, he gets to got honeymooning with Blom. [WTF? Where is the logic in this?] Pai lets him, and then agrees to go to Phuket to work.

Blom and Kongkai gets it hot, kissing in the halls elevators, and the bed, but then Blom breaks it off to go shower. Kongkai flips on the news and sees the conference and he learns that the ripped dress was originally Pai’s. The mood totally got killed, so they agreed to dinner instead. Wayu sees them dining and loudly reserves a table for him and Aroonpapai.

Kongkai follows him and stalks them. He snatches Pai back, hugging her wiggling to get free from him. Wayu enters the scene and Pai runs to him. Kongkai asks her, between her man-of-affair and husband who will she pick and Pai turns the table by asking him the same question. [Drum rolls for Monday!!!]

Episode 3 Preview

Pai: I admit I’m at ends, but where I messed up the most was when I married you.

KK: Aroonpapai! This. Is this what’s suitable for a wife?

Bpen: You have your own husband; why do you have to steal mine.

KK: I’m disgusted at tolerating a woman like you! How much do you want? Say it!

Mothermole: 10 million! [335800 dollars]

KK: 10 million?!!

Blom: Your wife, when she came, she came bare-handed. Now when she goes, why do you have to invest this much?

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2 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 2 Recap

  1. R. tan says:

    Hi! I just discovered your blog – so far it’s really interesting and good – can’t wait to see what more you have in store! Thanks for the cap and summary 🙂

  2. thanks so much for the caps 😉
    this is truly helpful when I don’t understand Thai.
    plus, I love your side comments xDD [Yeah, I wanna have something with you}
    you’re just too cute xD

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