Mia Taeng Episode 1 Recap

The much anticipated remake lakorn Mia Taeng (Wedded Wife) starring “Rome” Patchata Nampan, “Chompoo” Araya Hargate, and “Benz” Pornchita Na Songkhla premiered this Monday. The opening song is drama-filled, and the clips are most spoilerific. I’m not old school enough to have seen the old version, but I’m predicting major angst, pissoffness, and romance. I’m praying for more of the latter.

Mia Taeng opens to Mothermole demanding Kongkai (“Rome” Patchata Nampan) to marry the girl of her choice. Then we flashes to Blomchak (“Benz” Pornchita Na Songkhla) batting her lashes at the camera.

Back at Kongkai’s mansion, he refuses to marry, brushes off Butler Thomtum reminding Kongkai of his company duties, and drives off in his Bumblebee car. At the photo shot, Kongkai presents a bouquet to Blom and proceeds to ‘spa’ massage her as the camera crew snicker at the PDA.

Mothermole visits a friend couple and asks for their daughter Aroonpapai’s
(“Chompoo” Araya Hargate) hand in marriage, insisting that Pai is most suitable and that Pai’s mother saved their lives. They agreed. Finally, we are introduced to Aroonpapai. She is concocting delicious seafood appetizers as a cook at an event hosted my Mothermole’s Company.

Here, Kongkai arrives in the arms of a lady friend 1 and enters the same elevator as Pai. She realizes he was the Kongkai who she is asked to marry and witnesses a lady friend 2 enter to have a catfight with lady friend 1. They slap around a bit. Kongkai seems very self-absorbed as he watches them. [Yea, our Romeo Rome’s character is very egotistical.] Pai speaks up, asking if Kongkai is going to stop them. He does.

At the event, Mothermole and Butler are conversing with Mothervillain, and we learn that Kongkai is a useless player. He is clueless on the companys’ missions as the new reporters questioned him. He grabs Pai beside him, pulling a low move, saying even the employers knew of such menial information. Pai, of course, answers with eloquence. Kongkai is baffled a bit, and when he sees Pai back all dressed up, he is definitely looking at her like a player.

Kongkai follows Pai out, and he picks her up by saying he wants to thank her. Pai mocks him that she is not like the hi-so idiot that fakes it through and through. Kongkai grabs her demanding if she is referring to him. Right on cue, Blom appears in an ultra sexy outfit and grabs her man. Lady friend 2 walks up and pours the blue drink right on Blom bosom. Righteous Pai holds back lady friend 2, asking if she have any dignity coming here to fight over such a man.

Blom gives him the sweet pressure talk of marriage. Later in the bathroom stall, Pai overhears Blom meeting up with lady friend 2. We learn that it was a set up. Blom is gathering pity points.

Enters ex-boyfriend Poochom still clinging onto Pai. His zealous wife Bpen stalks him and order him back. Pai addresses Bpen as Nong [I’m thinking they got a prior friendship] and tells Poochom to never seek her again because she’s going to marry. Pai returns inside, and she concurs with her mother on her decision. They hug, and Pai looks really miserable. [Bet, she loved her ex] Kongkai returns home to a happy Mothermole. She threatens to cut Kongkai off, so he’s all mommy boy and agrees.

Rome gets in his white AE nightie and via his short dream, we learn about his father’s assassination where his mother took him running into the trees. [I suspect this is where Pai’s mother comes in to save them?] Next morning, he sees Pai and boy, is he shock to see the girl who smacked his ego. [Shawty, i forgot the epic slap. REWIND! Before, when there was the lady friends slapping, Kongkai was hitting on Pai, and he tells her he can give her anything. So, Pai gave him a slap and Kongkai was ultra tick off.] But of course they sign the marriage license. Rome cockingly accuse Pai of marrying him for his money.

Blom gets the marriage news. Mothervillain appears and is boiling angry at her for letting Kongkai out of her hands. Kongkai runs to comfort Blom, promising that after a year, he will return and they will be the same. [*beats my head* Kongkai you stoopid! That is where all the pra eks screw up. They and their promises that are going to bite them back.] He spends the night, wakes up, love talk with her, and heads out to his wedding. [I know, what a jerk!]

Kongkai manhandles her, and she keeps reminding him he is a dimwit. They robo through the first part of the wedding. Kongkai’s getting very attach to saying he doesn’t want her.

They come out dressed differently, and Oh-la-la, Blom strolls down in a megafancy white peacock tail dress. She presents a gift to Kongkai to give to Pai. Ew, it was his ‘clothes’. Blom is all: I’m returning them. And Pai played it out so smooth, saying the past is the past. Mothermole gives a speech on how Pai is the only one for her son.

Finally, we get the relationship between these two. Blom and Mothervillain are daughter and mother. No wonder it’s important to get Kongkai. If her son don’t get the President title, might as well marry her daughter off. The parents sent the newly weds off on their wedding night. Mothermole is getting Kongkai to behave. The minute they are out, Kongkai stamps away. And Blom is at the club, saying she’s letting Pai borrow her husband. [OMFG, girl you desperate.]

Pai struggles to undress, and Kongkai helps. He stroke her back dumby saying, you’re soft. [Duh, dude. Did you expect hard metal?] Pai’s a bit jumpy and runs off, but Kongkai catches her and assures her he can’t make himself do ‘it’ with her and he’ll go sleep elsewhere. [Sure, Romeo.] Outside, Butler is like a guard dog, lecturing Kongkai that a wife is different from a bedmate.

Gay Assistant phones Kongkai to come get Blom. Oh, Blom trashes a girl in the bathroom too. Kongkai rushes off, and Mothermole grabs Pai. They crash on the party, got Blom off Kongkai. [This Mama knows how to roll!]

Outside, a gang whose girl was the one Blom beat-up brings out a gun, ready to shoot. But Pai suddenly gets all jumpy and patty on Kongkai. She begs the gangster to let Kongkai go becuase he is mental. She forces him bow his head to apologize like three times. [This was epic!] Dumb Konkai would’ve been saved, but his ego got in the way, and rushed the gangster for a fight. Strong Pai diverted the gun shot into the air, saving his behinds. Next morning, Kongkai shrugs off his mother trying to involve him in the business. Then, Blom is out to have her first showdown with Pai.

Let the ‘Wedded Wife’ and Mistress Catfight Begin! 

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9 Responses to Mia Taeng Episode 1 Recap

  1. Thank you for recaping this show! I’m having a hard time finding it w/ Eng Subs. You are a lifesaver 😀

  2. I love your side comments of the episodes! you’re too funny. =) Keep up the good work! I’ll be tuned in!!

  3. godninja says:

    Thanks for thanking me. I try to select scenes of importance to recap, but its hard. Seems like I’m doing a good balanced job.

  4. J says:

    Thanks for the recaps! I don’t really fancy the set up of this lakorn but I’ll be following your recaps and perhaps it will entice me enough to give it a try. 😉

  5. LALA says:

    Love your summary/recap. Thanks for the summary/recap:)

  6. Prisna says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Now I understand the lakorn a little bit more since I didnt watch the lakorn with eng sub yet. Very helpful when I read the recap.

  7. Harija says:

    Wow… this is great!! Thank you!

  8. godninja says:

    thanks for being our first commentor. help spread the words!

  9. sasima says:

    This is so much help thank you so much!! i love this lakorn

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