Give me Luerd Kattiya 2012 with Num and Bee and I will cry

I hope this news bit is just rumors…but then a lot of these recent remakes rumors have turned out true. Luerd Kattiya is one of the most celebrated and beloved lakorn of all lakorn times. I’m telling you right now that Luerd Kattiya is my favorite lakorn. It’s first lakorn production was only in 2003 starring kookwan Tik and Aom, and only nine years later, a remake rumor? Honestly, I don’t mind at all. Due to the crappy storyline these day, I would love another take on the forbidden, everlasting love story of Anothai and Dala. However, recent remakes have been just horrible…but I still want one. If this rumor is true, I beg that Num and Bee will not star. I see Bee as kinda of b*tchy. Pardon me, I’m not a Bee fan nor hater, that word really hits the spot on my overall feeling of Bee derived from her roles. Bee is also too English woman looking to embody my ideology of Princess Dara which I’ve perceived via Aom as someone soft, but prideful and at times childish. As for Num, I haven’t watch him in many years. I am a Num fan, but Num taking up on Tik? NO! I need someone buffy and macho, who when smiles just makes me go bonkers. More importantly, I want some youth in my Anothai and Dara. I’ll even resort to cheeky Bie for Anothai.

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21 Responses to Give me Luerd Kattiya 2012 with Num and Bee and I will cry

  1. MaiNyia Her says:

    AS much as I love Tik and Aom, but I prefer Ch.3 to give these two roles to newcomer. I would like to see the newcomer to act in such an epic lakorn. I don’t like older actors to act if there is a remade. Bee and Num? Nahhh, they are kind of old for the role. Nadech is the perfect one for Anothai, because he look young but acting mature can be challenge. I ship Nadech for Another. And as for Dala, I go for Taew. Taew has always act like a tomboy or a strong woman, and I think Dala role matches her the most. I think both Nadech and Taew will be able to do this.

  2. jasmine says:

    i want tik and aff for the remake.. tik is the best and perfect for the role.

  3. jasmine says:

    I prefer Tik and Aom!!!!!

  4. Guest says:

    I agree Aom and Tik should do the remake together. Speaking of Luerd Kattiya I just brought the official set and goodness it’s such a beautiful vcd set.

  5. icy says:

    where the rumour coming from??Exact has no plan to remake this one yet,and aom+tik version is forever the best!

  6. LKFAN says:

    I don’t know what ya’ll think, but I love the ending to “Leurd Kattiya.” That heart wrenching moment is what makes the lakorn so memorable. I like happy endings, don’t get me wrong, but a classic lakorn like “Leurd Kattiya,” the ending couldn’t have been better.
    Now Num; he was my crush way back during those Bansaithong days, but one thing about him that absolutely bothers me is that fact that he’s so freakin skinny and weak. Like you said, I want my Anothai to be a muscular, HOT, and macho man; a man who can carry his lover with full strength (Chaiklam couldn’t do that to Pojaman, I couldn’t help but laugh because it looked like he was gonna drop her) anyway, I don’t think anyone can play the role better than Tik. Tik, my man, love him. My choice for 2012 Anothai-Nadech!
    Bee, who is that? Aom was perfect for the role, now whom shall I want to be Dara………………………..IDK?

    • :) says:

      I’m sorry but I don’t agree with u on the who Nadech being Anothai. I understand Nadech is the “HOT” new comer but the role will “NOT” fit him at all. I can’t see him in that role. :(

      • LKFAN says:

        Well, I chose Nadech, not because he’s the HOT rookie, but because I see potential in him. I think this role would be a challenge for him.
        Ok, so if not Nadech then I want Rome! Haha.

      • godninja says:

        as much i enjoy nadech and do think he can take on any role and as much as i want youth in my anothai and dala, i want maturity too. so, i don’t want nadech…i’ll contradicting myself here in this next part. if the remake is with ch3, i really really really would love mark. sorry, mark is my number one pra’ek so i am bias and i oversee all of his flaws.

      • LKFAN says:

        Well, I guess we all have our own preferences. I like Mark, but he’s not macho enough for me haha. Of course I haven’t seen enough of him to even comment on his acting, so I’ll just leave it as that. I just hope they don’t miscast this epic lakorn, because that would really piss me off.

      • LKFAN says:

        I mean IF this remake rumor is true.

    • MaiNyia Her says:

      Yes! Nadech matches Anothai’s role the most due to his muscular body. Yaya would not be a good Dala, I prefer an actress who is fully Thai rather than a mixed Thai actress.

  7. fun says:

    I would die if Bie gets the part. I don’t see anyone who can fit Anothai lol I love the lakorns although kind of pissed off most of the time and especially at the ending because it made no logic… more like justice lol I made a long long comment somewhere about this lakorn about how much I hate it and how much I loved it and I don’t think I would want to start another one haha.

    • godninja says:

      to fun and everyone: i love the ending. it was the ultimate ending where the hero is killed off which adds more significance to his mission. what irritates be more is that dala is now queen and sooner or later, she’ll have to wed and have a hubby and kids and all. i can’t imagine that…you know all the implications of her being the queen.

  8. Lunadara says:

    Nooooo!My worst nightmare is coming true.

    Like godninja,LK was my favorite lakorn, and if it was ever remade I hope for Ch.3 take it on with its new generation of actor and actresses.

  9. anne says:

    This was my alltime fav lakorn even till now. Only thing I was upset about was the ending. I watched it a few times n still cant accept the ending. I wished they’d staged the death n Anothai secretly stayed on the island. Tht wld hv been perfect for me. Its such a beautiful classic tht I find it difficult to picture any other actor/tress as Anothai n Dala cus for me Tik n Aom were perfectly casted n u can’t beat perfection. =)

  10. Kiki says:

    I agree lakorn story lines have been quite so we do welcome females as long as they don’t mess up the storyline of the original. How awesome would that be for tik and Aom to remake the first. It would probably be better than the first because they now know how to fully embody their roles and their acting has improved a lot!

  11. :) says:

    No one can play the role better than Tik and Aom. LOVE the lakorn soooo MUCH. I don’t see Bee or Num in this roll at all. Num is getting too old( although I like him).

    • xox says:

      I agree. I would love it if Aom and Tik make a remake of their own drama! Lol. I would watch it all over again. Num is older than Tik isn’t he??

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